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Oracle Beehive was created in 2008.


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Because it looks like a beehive....

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The company Oracle can be credited for creating the Oracle E Business Suite. Oracle is a major company that is also credited for creating Java. Oracle is a large, widely known company in today's internet world.

when we install d oracle software, on oracle directory structure is created to store the executables , shared libraries , configuration files , trace files , and so on both server and client software is stored in the same directory. Oracle is installed on the server using on operating system account created specially for the task oracle has a directory structure.

The Beehive is actually the Home of the New Zealand Parliament. It is named the beehive as it resembles one.

The noun 'beehive' is used as a collective noun in the term 'a beehive of activity'.

The person who created Oracle Thinkquest(or just Thinkquest) is Allan H. Weis and he created this educational website on 1996 but was later acquired by Oracle in 2002. To find more information about Oracle Thinkquest, you can visit this link in the bottom of this answer.

A beehive is an abiotic thing.

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