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865 b.c.

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Who formed the Soviet Union?

Russia and its neighbors.

Why was Russia named Russia?

The people living in the area of what is now Russia were referred to as 'Rus' in Medieval Latin. They then adopted this name and formed the country of Russia.

Glasnost was formed in what country?

In Russia by Mikhail Gorbachev.

The countries which formed the tripple entente?

Britain, France, and Russia were the countries that formed the Triple Entente

What nations formed the triple entente?

Russia, France, and England.

France great Britain and Russia formed the?

Triple Entente

The countries which formed tripple Alliance?

BRitain France Russia

In 1991 what union was formed in russia?

Commonwealth of Independent States.

Which state was formed from land being purchased in Russia?


Who was a dictator in Cuba that formed an alliance with Russia?

Fidel Castro

Union formed by russia France and great Britain?

Triple Entente

What was the name of the elected legislative body of Russia that was formed in 1905?


What European nations formed the Triple Entente?

France, Britain and Russia

Russia was originally formed by a mixture of which two cultures?

Slavs and Vikings

Which countries formed the triple entente?

Britain, France and Russia formed the Triple Entente. Before this in 1904, Britain and France had signed the Entente Cordial and in 1907, Britain and Russia signed the Anglo-Russian.

Was Russia the Soviet Union first or Russia?

Russia was Russia before it formed the Soviet Union during its Communist period. Even then it was still called Russia but it was just part of a block of other communist countries which had the collective name, the Soviet Union.

Why was the Triple Alliance of World War 1 formed?

The Triple Alliance was formed in , when Otto Von Bismarck formed a treaty of alliance AustroGermany to counteract from Russia and France.

What is the name of the company formed by Sebastian Cabot to trade with Russia?


An international organization formed in russia in 1919 for extending the scope of socialism?


Which state was formed from land purchased from Russia-Hawaii or Alaska?


When was the union of soviet socialist republics formed?

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR, was formed in 1922. when Russia merged with the Republic of Ukraine.

What important decision was made as a result of the alliances formed before world war i?

A German- Austrian was formed to protect Germany against Russia.

When USSR is formed and broken?

Formed by Bolsheviks lead by Lenin after the revolution in Russia, which happened in 25. october, 1917. USSR broke in 1991.

Why did Russia join the triple entente?

Russia was a bit scared/surprised in the growth of the German army and so formed the TRIPLE entente for protection/support.

Where can magnetite be found?

South Africa, Germany, Russia, and it is formed in many locations in the US