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Q: When was Sarah mcginn from the revolutionary war born?
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Sarah McGinn from the Revolutionary War?

Yes, she is.

What did Sarah bache have to do with Revolutionary War?


Role that Sarah Franklin Bache played in the Revolutionary War?


When was James Williams - Revolutionary War - born?

James Williams - Revolutionary War - was born in 1740.

When was Robert Anderson - Revolutionary War - born?

Robert Anderson - Revolutionary War - was born on 1741-11-05.

How did Sarah bache actions change history?

she helped provide the materials needed for soldiers in the revolutionary war:)

Was Lincoln in the Revolutionary War?

Lincoln had nothing to do with the Revolutionary War. It was over before he was born in 1809. He was the President of the US at the time of the Civil War.

What war was the US Marine Corps born?

The American Revolutionary War.

Was Zachary Taylor in the Revolutionary War?

No, Zachary Taylor was not in the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War ended on September 3, 1783 and Taylor was not born until November 24, 1784, almost a year after the war's end.

When was Ann Bates born Revolutionary War?

in 1730

What was Sarah bache role in revolutionary war?

Sarah help win the Revolutionary war by sewing 2,200 shirts for the soldiers of the continental army. But most of all, she helped raise $300,000 for the continental army when she took leadership of association in 1780.

Was Andrew Jackson the first and only president to be in the revolutionary war?

Andrew Jackson did not serve in the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1767, two years after the war ended. However, he did serve as a courier and was taken as a prisoner during the Revolutionary War's successor conflict, the American Revolutionary War.