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Turkish Men's Volleyball Championship was created in 1948.

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in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball girl vball is more a bout control, and boys is more about power and hitting it hard.....even if it get hit out of bounce!

The height of the net for mens volleyball is 8' tall.

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Yes! Mens beach volleyball is in the olympics!

Bjorn Borg won the mens championship

The net is set at 2.43 meters for men's Olympic Indoor and Beach volleyball.

Steffi Graf won the Womens championship and Boris Becker won the Mens championship

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As of the 2008 Bejing Olympics the following countries have won a gold medal in volleyball at the olympics: United States 3 mens 3 mens beach 2 womens beach Soviet Union 3 mens 4 womens Brazil 2 mens 1 womens 1 mens beach 1 womens beach Japan 1 mens 2 womens Cuba 3 womens China 2 womens Netherlands 1 mens Poland 1 mens Australia 1 womens beach Yugoslavia 1 mens

The official height of a men's volleyball net is 7 feet 11 and 5/8 inches (2.43 m).

Arizona in the mens Division 1 category.

7 feet 11 and 5/8 inches is the correct height

North Carolina beat Illinois 75-70 to win their 4th Men's Basketball Championship

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Bjorn Borg defeated Ilie Nastase in the 1976 Wimbledon championship.

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