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I have a Stevens 22 15-a made by Savage Arms. All I know about it is it belonged to my cousin who won it by selling the most red salve while going to school in the mid to late fiftys. He drowned in the early sixtys an his parents gave it to me when they went to the nursing home. Its a real good shooting little single shot.

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How much is a Savage Arms model 71 Stevens favorite worth?

How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ?

What is a Stevens rifle Model 778 worth?

Could your model be 775 or 774, NO 778 model by Savage or Stevens

How much is a Stevens savage model 94 with no cerial number worth?

The savage/stevens model 94 single shot,shotgun is worth between 40-95 dollars.

How much is a Stevens Savage Model 1240 worth?

A Stevens Savage model 1240 is worth anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars. The value is determined by the bore and mechanical condition of the gun.

How old is Savage Arms Stevens Model 940?

Model 940a pore shape what is it worth

Stevens Savage Arms model 77 what it worth?

The value of a Stevens Savage Arms model 77 varies by its condition. As of 2014, the average value of this gun in excellent condition is 100 dollars.

When was a Stevens Savage Arms 22 LR and SR model 15-B made and is it worth anything?

These .22cal rifles were made by savage/stevens from 1936-1945.The value runs from 50-100 dollars,depending on condition.

Savage Stevens model 311e What is it worth?

75-300 USD depending on conditon.

What is a Stevens savage model 987 worth?

Depending on condition, you can purchase a 987 for between $50 and $150 US.

What is the worth of Stevens model 94 410 gauge savage arms gun?

Depending on condition, $120-$160

What is a 300 savage model 99 worth?

what is a Savage 300 model 99 worth?

What is a Stevens model 67 series e 12 gauge 2inch and thr quarter and 3 inch shell savage gun worth?

Stevens model 67 e 12Ga is worth $75-125 +\- 10% for condition and age

How much is a Stevens model 311 series h savage arms westefield mass shotgun worth?

50-200 USD

When was a Stevens Savage Arms 22 LR or SR model 15 A made and is it worth anything?

This model was made from 1936-1945,with a total production of 224,000.Most savage made .22cal rifles made during this time span will bring between 70-140 dollars depending on condition.

What is the value of a savage Stevens mode15 single shot bolt action 22 LR?

a model 15 in excellent condition is worth about $125.00.

What is value of Stevens savage model 325A 30-30?

this gun was built between 1947-1950 worth around $ 250.00 to 350.00

What year was a Stevens model 35 offhand pistol made serial number 35540?

The stevens Model 35 offhand shotgun(even though it is listed as a pistol) was made during the years 1923-1935 in .410 gauge.I do not have a model production breakdown by years with serial numbers though.Maybe savage/stevens might have more info at the savage arms web site?It would be worth a try.

How much is a Savage model 860 worth?

A Stevens/Savage model 860 22-caliber rifle is generally worth anywhere from $115 to $150 if in very good condition. Shipping on some websites can be as high as $25.00. The Savage Arms Company headquarters is located in Westfield, Massachusetts, and has been making rifles and shotguns since 1894.

What is the value of savage model 6A?

your savage model 6a is worth between 40-140 dollars.

What is a savage model 110 cal 243 bolt action worth?

worth 243 savage boltaction

Savage model 500 double worth?

i have a savage model510stricker chambered in 308 with a mounted scope what is it worth

When was a Springfield 120A single shot 22 bolt action made and what is it worth?

I can't locate this particular model, but Stevens/Savage dropped the Springfield line in 1948.

When was the JC Higgins 1011 made and is it worth repairing?

It would have been made sometime during the 1950's-1960's. It is basically a Savage/Stevens Model 94, worth up to $100.

What is the age and value of a 303 Savage Rifle?

What is my 303 savage model 99 worth?

What Is A Savage Model 16 270wsm Worth?

750.00 $