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When was electricty invented?


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im not actually sure

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Electricity wasn't invented, it was discovered. Later, practical applications were invented.

he was not a president but he invented electricty

Electricity was not invented but was discovered by Benjamin Franklin in 600BC

It was not invented but discovered by Benjamin Franklin who did some test's on it.

No, it is a simple mechanical device used for calculation and was invented about 4000 years before humans discovered electricity.

Victorian candle sticks were used for light purposes. Since of course electricty was not invented, this was the best way to get light.

Electricity is a result of cervical cord compration. It is very important in life that we have electricty.stupid answer

Electricity wasn't "invented" - it is a natural occuring force of nature. It was harnessed for use on larger scales in the 1800's, but there is enough evidence that primitive batteries were used in ancient civilizations.

Electricty is important because it is the most common energy we consume and depend on inare evrey day lives.

Agr bijli na hoti tu Kia hota give me answers

it comes from the holes in the receeplacie

A flow of an electric charge.

the movement of electrons between atoms

because it has electricty

to power cars and produce electricty.

Lightning is an electrostatic discharge.

no oxygen can not conduct electricity.

copper is suitable for making electricty.

they dont produes electricty

The presence and flow of electric charge (provided by electrons).

yes it does it has a highly electrical current

yes , it produce electricty

yes there is electricty in every desert

does copper absorb electricty

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