Gangnam Style

When was gangnam style invented?


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Check the date in the description of the video and my question is WHY was it invented


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The Gangnam style became popular 2012.

The person that sang Gangnam Style is Psy.

All i know is that the phrase "Oppa Gangnam Style " means is "Big brother Gangnam Style". Oppa is big brother in Korean and Gangnam is a city in Korea.

He has, but nothing popular as Gangnam Style.

Gangnam style is on just dance 4.

Gangnam style refers to a lifestyle in South Korea, and the original language is Korean. (The word "style" is adopted from English.)

Most people like Gangnam Style because it is inappropriate. Gangnam Style became a big hit to kids since it had the words "Sexy Lady." When the grownups heard the kids singing Gangnam Style they started to sing it too.

35 years old PSY leader of gangnam style

Psy's Gangnam Style music video can be found in YouTube as well as embedded in many websites.See Official Gangnam Style music video

The guy who dance Gangnam Style is a Korean guy.

oppa gangnam style not oppan

oppa gangnam style wop wop wop oppa gangnam style

The yellow dressed man in Gangnam style is called YOO JAE-SEOK.

By listening to PSY's (the Gangnam Style man) new song called 'Gentalman'.

I'm sorry but Justin Bieber dosen't have any Gangnam Style

big brother gangnam style is the word to word translation of oppan gangnam style. In the city of gangnam, which is in seoul (korea), gangsters call their masters as oppan (big brother) and take money from them and enjoy the day.

Yes it is popular. It got more than 1 billion hit. Gangnam style is poplular in gangnam in south korea. Greatest hit song.

Gangnam Style is found by the south Korean musician, Psy. The song was released in July 2012.

Gangnam is the correct spelling, and you don't "get" Gangnam style, you learn it like any other dance routine.

Gangnam Style was a single in an album written and presented by a South Korean rapper Psy.

Gangnam Style is now available as DLC (downloadable content) in Just Dance 4.

Oppa gangnam style sexy ladies op op op op opa gangnam style.

Too many to list, a quick youtube search of 'Gangnam Style Parody' will show you some.

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