When was instant replay first used in the NFL?

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Instant replay was first used in the NFL starting in the 1986 season. All replays were initiated by NFL replay officials and coaches were not allowed to 'challenge'. This system lasted until 1992 when the NFL owners voted to discontinue the use of instant replay. Replay returned to the NFL in 1999 and coaches were allowed to challenge a maximum of two plays per game. For the 2004 season, the replay rule was amended to allow a coach a third challenge if the first two challenges were successful.
The Cleveland Browns vs. the Chicago Bears, Sept. 7, 1986.
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When was the first time instant replay was shown on television during a professional football game?

Answer . I am not sure of the exact game but it was during the 1999 season. Here is a link to a good description of instant replay over the years. http://en.wikipedia.org/

Who wrote the book Instant Replay?

Former Green Bay Packers right guard Jerry Kramer . The book is a 'diary' of the 1967 season, the final season of Lombardi and the Packers dynasty. Kramer asked Tony Verna,

How many years was the instant replay rule in effect in the NFL?

Instant replay was first implemented in the NFL for the 1986 season. It lasted until after the 1992 season when the owners voted to get rid of it. It was again voted into the

What year was instant replay first used?

A 1950s episode of Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) used a wet-film-replay, minutes later. On live television, CBS director Tony Verna invented a system to enable a standard vide

Should Major League Baseball use instant replay?

they should only use instant replay for homerunes due to the many botched calls lately. but only for that and nothing else Another Opinion Yes, Major League Baseball shou

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Iyaz! even though people have the misconception that Sean Kingston has sung it!

Where was the first instant replay developed?

TONY VERNA ÒThe Man Who Invented the Instant ReplayÓ Television Producer/Director, Author, Inventor Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. In his conversational a
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First year for instant replay in nfl?

if they say 1986, i think it is wrong.the.show from 1968 between the rams and the 49's it show instant on the screen and the bottom of the screen read" instant replay" Accord