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When was it discovered that the Earth was spherical and not flat?


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This discovery happened all over the world in ancient times. There wasn't one event.


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Cartographers an represent the spherical Earth on flat paper by making a projection, which is like casting shadows from the spherical world onto a flat piece of paper.

The Earth is not flat, and no one ever discovered that it was.

The ancient Greeks knew (most likely discovered too) the earth was not flat contrary to the popular myth that Columbus thought he would fall of the Earth if he sailed to far West. _______________________ We have no way of knowing which ancient civilizations realized that the Earth was spherical, but it was likely the Phoenicians, those sea-faring traders who roamed the Mediterranean and on to England and the Norse lands.

If the spherical Earth as we know it suddenly became flat, it would stop rotating, and the Sun and cosmic radiation would eventually destroy it.

Because people have seen it from space and anyway if the Earth was flat all the water would fall of the edge so then we would not survive

No some people back in the 1800s said that the earth was flat

because it is has the true spherical shape of the earth and map is a flat representation of the earth

They actually didn't. Flat Earth is a myth. The spherical Earth has been a scientifically established fact since long before Ptolemy.


simply by curving the surface of the map to adjust it to the bend of the earth

No change in day or night, or any change in seasons, these occur because of Earth spherical property

the fact that the time of sunrise and sunset varies from place to place on the earth proves that the earth is not a flat disc. if the earth were flat all the places on the earth would have sunrise and sunset at the same time.

Yes earth is a spherical (round), thousands of years ago people did not know that planet earth was round, they just thought it was flat so if they went to far they would fall of the edge! but nowadays because of spacetravel etc, we have seen planet earth and they have noticed it was a spherical planet. So yes it is.

He discovered that the earth was round not flat.

3000 years ago someone discovered the earth was round and before that they thought it was flat.

The Greeks knew it, and even measured the size. It may have been known even before then.

The earth is very big. A commercial airliner never gets high enough to take in the spherical shape of the earth, so it looks "flat" - even from an airplane. From the space shuttle (100 miles up) the earth is obviously spherical.

There are several pieces of evidence that the Earth is round.> lunar eclipses: a shadow of the earth is cast upon the moon that proves that the earth has a spherical shape> planetary bodies: in comparison all plants are spherical so why shouldn't earth be> circumnavigation: the earth has been circumnavigated countless times. If the earth wasn't spherical the boat would have fallen off its edge> aeriel photographs: pictures have been taken from space that proves that the earth has a spherical shape> sunrise and sunset: if the earth was flat everywhere would experience sunrise and sunset at the same time> ships visibility: because the earth is spherical ships are only visible as the come into the viewers line of sight only as it comes up on the curve of the earth. If the earth was flat ships would be in the viewers line of sight no matter where they were> a curved horizon: at increasing altitudes curve of the earths horizon increases. If the earth was flat, no matter at what altitude the curve would not be visible.

He sailed around the world and proved to everyone that the earth is a spherical shape not flat

The ancient Greeks discovered shape of the Earth was round (sphere) 25 centuries ago. In 1687, Isaac Newton said the Earth should be slightly bulged (oblate spheroid).

The Greek philosophers discovered the earth was spherical in the 6th century BC. Parmenides also discovered this in the 5th century BC. In 330 BC Aristotle put for the position based on physical theory and observational evidence.

Since the determination of the fact that Earth is spherical as opposed to flat, all scientists (after a short lag period) have accepted that it is so.

north america, native americans, and that the earth is not flat

The Earth is almost spherical. It's slightly squashed, or oblate.

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