When was lacrosse invented?


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History has recorded the invention of lacrosse occurred in the 1400s in what is now Huron County, New York.

It was invented by native Americans in New York as a training game for war. The object was not to get the ball in the opponents goal as it is today but to injure as many people on the opposing team as possible


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Lacrosse was invented in 1113.

Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans.

field lacrosse was invented in the 1943's

lacrosse was invented in USA by the Indians

yes, the Ojibwa invented lacrosse. They invented it i 1876. Lacrosse was played to strengthen young warriors. - Gigi987

Lacrosse was invented by the Iroquois and Huron Native Americans in what is now Canada.

Lacrosse was invented by the native Americans of what is now Canada and the United States.

No, acanadian did not invent lacrosse, the North American Indians invented lacrosse.

Lacrosse was invented before hockey. Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans Before the Cristian Era (BC). Hockey was invented in the mid 1800s or early 1900s

I'm guessing they invented lacrosse, since this question is in the lacrosse category.

The convector radiator. I don't think lacrosse is very big there.

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north america!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lacrosse was first played by Native Americans, but it is not known exactly when this started.

Lacrosse was invented in the east in the u.s by native Americans.

lacrosse was "invented" by native Americans to "practice" for battle this was used in war in the past.

It was invented by several Native-American/Canadian tribes.

Lacrosse invented by the Native Americans

yes it was the first sport invented by the Indians

yes, they invented lacrosse and still do play the sport and play it quite well

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Lacrosse back in the 1800's

yes it is said to have been invented by the ancient Mayans.

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