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When was make-up invented?

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When was makeup invented?

Makeup was invented for beauty, in other words to ma ke people feel and look beautiful.

Who invented mac makeup?

I believe its Estee Lauder, but there are a lot of chemicals in their makeup.

How did makeup get invented?

Ancient Egyptians started to use black eyeliner.. so basically you could say they invented it. Later on, other forms of makeup appeared.

Who was the person who invented the makeup?

Max Factor invented many of the products we use today.

Who invented the forst line of makeup?

Max Factor invented the first line of packaged cosmetics.

What is the inventor name that invent makeup?

The inventor who invented the word "makeup" and quite a lot of the products used today, was Max Factor.

Who invented the make up?

The Egyptians invented eyeliner, the Victorians invented many of the products we use, and Max Factor started calling it makeup.

Why was makeup invented?

To enhance your natural featuresTo enhance peoples features

Where was makeup invented?

Egypt because the egyptians used charcoal as eyeliner!

Why they invented makeup?

To hide peoples ugly faces with pretty colors.

Who invented the foundation makeup?

a man called jon amber in 1800s

Who invented makeup?

the ancient egyptans invented makeup they would crush minerals to make eye shadow,and paint for lipstick Max factor invented makeup. in the early 1900's he invented it because he didnt have proper education because he has 10 other brother and sisters. and he started the makeup in the acting bussneiess, then spread it world wide in his advertising in the 40's... he was the real inventoir who started the trend. but eqyptans did it to. but in a stupid manner. ByBethany Johnson, 13 years, South United States!! well done Bethany Johnson!

Why was lip gloss gloss invented?

It was invented to make actors' lips shiny and moist-looking in movies. The man who invented it, Max Factor, was a movie makeup artist.

What year was makeup invented?

Invention of Makeup Actually, the Romans used it over 2,000 years ago... and they brought it back during one of their visits to Japan where Makeup had been used for a long time. Finding out an exact date for the invention of makeup might be a little difficult. makeup was invented to make women pretty and beautiful to make guys love women. LOL!you can trace makeup easily for tens of thousands of years! it dates back to Cleopatra, early monarchy, and in a lot of old Indian civilizations.. pretty cool stuff!

Invented the first makeup bag?

a man called gioonie lagoon in 1876 with a button and that was all

Where was the ponytail invented?

Ancient Rome, Greece, and China all used the pony tail. They also had wigs and makeup. China invented fingernail polish.

Is there anything that has been invented to hold your hair accessories?

kaboodle( hard little case by the makeup bags)

Where did they invented makeup?

Ancient egypt- they crushed beatles for eyes shodow and other stuff. Basicly used nature

Who invented movie makeup?

Movie makeup is not said to be "invented" by anyone. Man has put things on his body since before recorded history. Ash from fires, colored clay, or whatever. Cosmetics have been with us "forever" and their origin is mostly lost to history. When movies came along, it took no time to realize that attention to detail in makeup would enhance the photographic appeal of actors. Makeup was already available, and it was just a matter of adapting what existed to work "well" under the lights used in a shoot.

Who invented Up?

Ancient woman. Egyptian first created makeup by crushing minneralls for eye shadow and paint for lipstick

What did the egyptians invent that you use today?

Ancient Egyptians invented many things that are still used today, including makeup, hair removal techniques, and calendars. They also invented plows and toothpaste.

When was makeup first invented?

It can be traced back to the Egyptians. That's usually the textbook answer. Realistically, some form of makeup has probably been used since pre-history (think cave people putting mud on their faces and bodies).

Who invented beauty supplies?

Archaeologists have found evidence of cosmetics or makeup being used in Egypt dating back as far as the fourth millennium BC, including artifacts of eye makeup and objects used for the application of scented ointments.

Who invented make up?

Ancient woman. Egyptian first created makeup by crushing minneralls for eye shadow and paint for lipstick

What are the contributions of Egypt?

Egyptians invented a lot of things that we still use today. This includes our calendar, and things like makeup and toothpaste.