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In the 1800's

/\ More Like the 1880's for the exact time. People want specific answers, not unspecifiable or vague answers.

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Q: When was school attendance made compulsory?
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What describes school attendance in the US during the late 1800s?

attendance was compulsory, but not every child attended school

Who made the law that children have to go to school?

Compulsory school attendance laws are enacted by the individuals states. All states have such laws, and most states enacted these laws in the late 1800s to early 1900sMassachusetts was the first state to enact compulsory school attendance laws in 1852, and Alaska was the last "state" in 1929.It should be noted that compulsory school attendance laws were enacted while many of the states were still territories (i.e. before they gained actual statehood).

Do kids go to school in Germany?

Yes, school attendance is compulsory in Germany until the age of 16.

How many states and territories in the US required compulsory school attendance by 1900?

All of them.

The post-Civil War era witnessed?

an increase in compulsory school-attendance laws

Is school attendance compulsory?

in Mexico, Canada, and US, I believe it is. I don't know if it is anywhere else.

Compulsory age for school attendance in ny state?

Educ. §§3201, et seq. 6-16 in nys

What is the legal age a child may drop out of school in Texas?

Texas set the laws in 1915. School attendance is compulsory from age 6 to 18.

How do you use the word compulsory as an adjective in a sentence?

Massachusetts became the first state to pass compulsory school attendance laws, and by 1918, all states required children to receive an education.

What was the age for compulsory school attendance in England in the 1940's?

Children had to attend school from the age of 5. The school leaving age was 14 until April 1947 when it was raised to 15.

Did children have to go to school in the early 1900s?

Children were required to attend school back in the 1800's.Mississippi was the last state to enact a compulsory attendance law in 1917.

Which provision is found in the 1876 constitution and could be characterized as a reaction against reconstruction?

Though the answers weren't provided I found a question that has the following answers requiring a system of voter registration, four-year terms for elected officials, an appointive judiciary, and the repeal of compulsory school attendance laws. The answer is the repeal of compulsory school attendance laws.