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When was the Cambrian Period?

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The Cambrian Period was from about 543 to 490 million years ago. It is the earliest period in the Paleozoic ("old life") Era. Until relatively recently paleontologists thought this marked the beginning of life. Primitive life is now know from the Pre-Cambrian Eon.

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What are some plants from the Cambrian period?

The only plant from the Cambrian period is algae.

The Cambrian Period was part of what era?

The Cambrian Period was a part of the Paleozoic era

What era did the Ediacaran Fauna Live?

The Ediacarian fauna are from the Cambrian Explosion. The Cambrian Explosion occurred in the Cambrian period. The Cambrian period was part of the Paleozoic era.

What is the oldest period in the Paleozoic era?

The Cambrian is the oldest period of the Paleozoic.

What languages were spoken in the Cambrian period?

There was no language used in the Cambrian period. Humans had not yet evolved.

What were the major geologic events of the Cambrian period?

The "Cambrian Explosion"

What was the time period before the Cambrian era?


What invertebrates in the Cambrian?

Haikouichthys and Myllokunmingia were two vertebrates in the Cambrian Period

Time period prior to the Cambrian?

The Pre-Cambrian (Actual name)

What period came after the Cambrian period?

Ordovician .

What period did gastropods exist?

The Cambrian Period

What are facts about the Cambrian Period?

The Cambraian period is the first period.

When was the Cambrian explosion?

The Cambrian period, 570 millions years ago approximately.

What period did the first arthropods live in?

The Cambrian Period

What is the time period era Cambrian where hard shelled fossils appeared?


What was before Triassic Period?

Carboniferous Silurian Ordovician Devonian Cambrian Pre Cambrian

Was Cambrian before mesozoic era?

Yes, the Cambrian Period was before the Mesozoic Era

Explosion of life what period?


What danger were in the Cambrian period?


Were there herbivores during the Cambrian time period?

It is thought that most of the animals in the Cambrian Period were herbivores feeding on the Green Algae which we believe was abundant during the Period.

What is so unique about the Cambrian Period?

Dang ol, what is the Cambrian period mang, dang ol i just dont understand mmmhmm

What came after the preCambrian era?

Cambrian Period

Signature creature is the brachiopod?

Cambrian Period

The Cambrian Period was part of this era?


What is the dominate plant of the Cambrian period?