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The Classical Period in history falls between the Baroque and Romantic periods, which was from 1730 to 1820. Some famous musicians at that time were Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn and Schubert.

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When was the classical period in music history?

The classical period spanned the dates 1700 - 1820

Which period of history was greatly influenced by classical greek and roman?

Which Period Of History Was Great Influenced By Classical Greek And Roman Works?

What is the classical period in the history of biology?

The classical period involved Greek and Roman scientists including Hippocrates, Aristotle, Theophrastus, and Galen.

What period in music history did we first see the clarinet in?


What period is Beethoven in?

Beethoven was born during classical period in music history. Although his later works portray the romantic styles, he is widely considered as a link between the classical and romantic periods in the history of music.

What was significant about the Classical Period in Mesoamerican history?

The Classical Period in Mesoamerican history has been characterized as one of peaceful coexistence, widespread trade, theocratic government and the absence of large states seeking conquest.

Who was an important source of the study of the lifestyles of the English people and the history of the Neo-Classical period?

Samuel Pepys was an important source of the study of the lifestyles of the English people and the history of the Neo-Classical period.

What name is given to the period of Greek history between the Persian Wars and Alexander the Great?

The classical period

Why is the mughal period called the second classical age in Indian history?


What was a significant characteristic of the Mesoamerican Post Classic Period?

The Post Classical Period in Mesoamerican history was a period of militarism, large empires, secular government, and urbanization. For example, the Aztec empire was a large empire in the Post Classical Period.

Which period of history was greatly inflenced by classical greek and roman works?

The two peak periods were the renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries and the neo-classical period of the 18th and 19th century.

What best describes the classical period of music?

Often, people describe the Classical period of music as being heavily Romantic. However, the Romance period was after the Classical period. Classical is usually just referred to as Classical.

Which period of music was before classical period?

The Baroque period immediately preceded the Classical period.

Why was the classical period called the classical period?

Golden Age.

What period in history did franz shubert live?

He lived in both classical and romantic periods of time

Why is the classical period of Greek history referred to as The Golden Age?

This is when there was a surge in cultural and scientific advances.

What period is consided the classical period?

The ... Classical Period ... during the years 1730 to 1820.

What time period is classical?

Classical Music Period (1750-1830)

What is considered the classic period in Mesoamerican history?

The Classic Period in Mesoamerican history is generally considered to be from 300 AD to 900 AD. Generally speaking, research on this places much of what is now Mexico, as the center of Classical period Native American history.

How many movements did the sonata of classical period have?

The sonata have 4 classical period.

Was saxophones used in the classical period?

The classical period ended about 1820, and the sax was not invented until after 1840, so no, the sax was not used in the classical period.

What period was Mozart from?

he was in the Classical period

What was the Rococo period?

The classical period

The dates for the classical period?

The Classical Period is between baroque and romantic, about 1750 to 1820.

When did the classical period in music began?

From 1730 to 1820, that was the duration of the classical music period.

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