When was the M16 invented?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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1994 30 may JOEL ORME

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Q: When was the M16 invented?
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When was m16 assault weapon invented?

The M16 was invented @ 1960

Who invented m16 m4?

a man named Eugine Stoner

Who is armando lite?

The filipino inventor that invented the Armalite A15 or M16

Who invented the first american M-16?

If you are talking about the M16 rifle, it was invented by Eugene Morrison Stoner.

Who invented the M16 rifle?

Eugene Stoner is given credit for creating the automatic rifle system that evolved into the M16. As with any prototype, there were several problems that needed to be overcome to produce a dependable rifle, the AR15/M16 is no different. There have been hundreds of modifications & improvements made to the weapon by hundreds of people, even to this day people are personalizing & modifying the weapon system.

Was the m-16 used in World War 2?

no the m16 was invented in the early years of the Vietnam war

What is the cost of a M16?

A M16 cost about $2000.00

Why did Eugene Stoner create the M16?

Eugene Stoner invented the M16 because the military was looking for a reliable rifle. Eugene heard that and went to work on the rifle. The military loved it so they adopted the gun and mass produced it for the soldiers on the front line.

Which fires more accurately ak-47 or m16?


Is the m16 a real gun?

The M16 and the M4 are the US designations for the AR-15 pattern of rifles.

When was the M16 rifle invented?

; The M16 is an magazine fed, air cooled, direct gas impengment powered assault rifle designed by Eugene Stoner and Howard Johnson in August 1935. It was sent to South Vietnam as a jungle rifle for testing in 1961. Adopted by the US Military February 28 1967 as the standard issue rifle.

Who invented the m16a4?

The guy that answered before me was a moron so ill give u the real details. The M16A1 was invented in 1969 for the Vietnam War to replace the M14 rifle. Since then there have been the M16A2 M16A3 and the M16A4. The M16 is used in all of the United States military branches but is being phased out by the newer M4A1 which basically a shorter, lighter version of the M16. the M16 was invented by the weapons manufacturer Colt who bought the rights to the AR-15 rifle and militarized it for the U.S. government. The M1A2 was made in 1985. The M16A3 was made in 1994 and the 16A4 was also made in 1994.