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I have a ranger model 101.13 that my father bought new in 1946

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Q: When was the Ranger 22LR model made?
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When was a ranger 103-13 made?

The Ranger .22LR 103-13 that was sold through Sears was actually a Marlin model 81. It was made between 1937 and 1939.

What is the age of a Page-Lewis Model A Target .22lr?

The page-Lewis model A target was made from 1920-1926.

Who made ranger model m36?

If your Ranger is a bolt action .22, it is likely a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

When was winchester model 94 ranger serial number 3843651 made?

The winchester model 1894 ranger was made by winchester from 1985-2006.If you have a winchester model 1894 ranger compact(with 16in.barrel) these were made from 1998-2004.

What is the history of your Taico-Squires Bingham Model 14 22LR?

Made in the Philippines

When was 120 Winchester 20 gauge ranger made?

The winchester model 120 ranger model shotgun was made between 1964-1981.

What is the age of Marlin model 60 22LR Serial number 17333353?

Your Marlin model 60 was made in the year 1983.

When was the last winchester 94 ranger made?

The Winchester model 94 ranger was made from 1985-2006.

How old is an fie model e15 cal 22lr made in Italy?

made in 1980's sold in OTASCO stores

Value of beretta 21A bobcat .22lr?

$300- $350, depending on model and condition

What company made Ranger Model 35 firearms?

Stevens model 66A

When was Winchester model 94 ranger serial number 5446350 made?

Your winchester model 1894 ranger was produced by winchester in 1987.

What is a model 39 22 Winchester worth?

Winchester has never made a model 39.Could be reffering to a Marlin model 39 lever action rifle in .22LR?

When was Winchester model 94 ranger serial number 5377613 made?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 94 ranger rifle was made in the year 1985.

Who made the sears ranger model 30 12 gauge shotgun?

The Ranger Model 30 was built by Stevens between 1904 & 1932.

What is age and value of Winchester model no 94 ranger that is still in box and never been used with serial no 534009114?

A Winchester model 1894 ranger in that condition is worth 395 dollars.The serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1894 ranger was a first year made rifle.It was produced in 1985.Winchester made the ranger model from 1985-2006.

When was the 22lr made by savage arms model 5 produced and is there any more info on this firearm?


When was the revelation model 115 22lr rifle made and the value?

No sn data. 25-125 USD or so

Who made the ranger model 36 22 cal rifle?

Marlin model 80

Is a marlin model 80 rim fire?

Yes.The marlin model 80 was chambered in .22LR,which is a rimfire cartridge.They were made from 1934-1939 as a promotional model.The model 80E was made from 1934-1940,the model 80C was made from 1940-1970,the model 80DL was made from 1940-1965,and the model 80G was made from 1960-1965.

When was Winchester Ranger serial number 6026421 made?

If you are talking about a Winchester model 1894 ranger,then it was made by Winchester in 1992-1993.

When was the ranger model 30 made?

No published sn data

Who made the model 30 ranger 12ga?

Stevens 520A

What year was the Winchester Ranger 30-30 rifle model no 6024857 made?

With the serial number provided,your Winchester model 1894 ranger rifle was made in the year 1992.

What is 22lr pistol match ammo?

22LR ammunition made to match specifications.