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== == == == The first Spider-Man comic book, ''The Amazing Spider-Man'', debuted with issue #1 in 1963 (publication date: March, 1963). However, this was not Spider-Man's first appearance as he was introduced seven months earlier on the pages of ''Amazing Fantasy'', an anthology series, in issue #15 (pub. date: Aug, 1962). Amazing Fantasy ended with issue 15 and Spider-Man's adventures were continued in ''The Amazing Spider-Man''.

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Q: When was the Spider-Man comic book first created?
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Spiderwoman was first introduced in the Spiderman comic book. Later she branched off and become a more independent character with her own comic book.

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Where Spider-Man was created?

Spiderman was created in the 1960s by a writer of Marvel Comics, which is in the USA. Stan Lee came up with the idea and snuck the first Spiderman issue into print by using it as a replacement for a failing comic book.

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