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Stevens Model 940c was manufactured between 1961 and 1970. If your shotgun has no serial number then it was made before 1969.

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Q: When was the Stevens model 940c single shot 16 gauge made?
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When was the Stevens model 940c single shot 12 gauge made?


How old is a j Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 940c single shot?

It was manufactured in the early-mid 60s.

What is the value of a Stevens model 940c 20 gauge in excellent condition?

Check the Blue Book of Gun values!!

When were Stevens model 940C 12 ga shotguns made?


Where on the shotgun can you find the serial number for a Savage 410 Model 940C?

The location for a Savage 410 Model 940C shotgun serial number is on the bottom of the gun butt. Make sure you Flip the safety lever to the on position to prevent accidents.

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