When was the TV tray invented?


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TV trays, also known as TV tray tables or personal tables, were invented in 1952.

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the ice cube tray was invented by john gorrie and it was invented at 10/1991 hope that helped

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You can purchase a TV tray table from online merchants and retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Walmart and Target also carry TV tray tables at their online stores.

A tray is invented by an inventor of metal. Go inventor!However this inventor makes it oujt of a hot melted mould that sooon stiffens up. YAY?!

Tvs were invented for personal and family entertainment

They invented television for people who are bored or to make money from TV adverts.

Television invented by Philo Farnsworth

Thomas Edison invented colored TV

He invented the television in 1925

he invented television in 1925 or 1956

There are many places someone could go in order to purchase a TV tray table. Some of the websites and stores are Walmart, Target, Amazon, Bon Ton and Wayfair.

It was an aluminum tray. I liked it. It gave things a little bit of a different taste.

Television was invented, it was not discovered.Philo Farnsworth andCharles Francis Jenkins invented television.

The first television was invented on the 26th of January 1926.

john logie baird invented the television

The first TV remote was invented in 1956.

A TV tray table should first be nice looking and compliment your current living decor. It should also be sturdy but still light enough to stow away easily.

He invented the Television I think... he invented the radio I only know that he invented the TV......

The television was invented in the 1920's by John Logie Baird. Color TV was invented in the 1950's as was the first color television set.

Televisions were not invented in Victorian times. The Victorian Era was between 1837 and 1901. The television was not fully invented until 1926.

Television. Rigby, Idaho, is the birthplace of the television and was invented by Phil Farnsworth.

It was invented in 1995.

Right after the television was invented. ;-]

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