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When was the Triassic Period?


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The Triassic was from about 225 million to 190 million years ago. It is the first period of the Mesozoic ("middle life") Era.
The Triassic Period is most commonly believed to have begun 251 million years ago and lasted until 199.6 million years ago.


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The Jurassic Period followed the Triassic.

After the Triassic period, the Jurassic period began, followed by the Cretaceous.

The period after the Triassic is the Jurassic.

Friedrich Von Alberti named the Triassic Period in 1834

the differenses between triassic period and the jurassic period is that idk i will have to think about it.

The Triassic Period dates from 248 to 206 mya.

The only continent in the Triassic period was the supercontinent known as Pangaea.

In the Triassic period

The Triassic ended due to Global cooling

the dominant plants in the Triassic period was seedplants, Glossopteris(southern hemisphere), in the northern hemisphere, conifers Want more info about the triassic period?

The oldest period is the Triassic period.

There is no Permian-Triassic period. The Permian and Triassic were two-separate geolgic period. The Permian-Triassic extinction event marks the end of the Permian period and the beginning of the Triassic period. This event was the most devastating mass extinction in Earth's history during which 90% of all life died out. It also marks the end of the Paleozoic era and the beginning of the Mesozoic.

The Triassic Period ended 201.3 million years ago. It was the period in which the first dinosaurs evolved. The Triassic was followed by the Jurassic period.

Dinosaurs first lived in the Triassic and lived further on in the Jurassic period.

The triassic period occured between 251 million and 199 million years ago.

The Triassic period started 252.2 million years ago and ended 201.3 million years ago. It was the first period of the Mesozoic era.

Dinosaurs evolved and radiated during the Triassic period. They existed in abundance. Mammals also originated during this period.

out of the three listed, the earliest is the triassic period, then the jurassic, and finally the cretaceous period (the last prehistoric period in which dinosaurs lived.)

There are the Triassic period, Jurassic Period, and the cretaceous period.

a genosperm is a plant in the triassic period

The late triassic period.

In the triassic period

The middle Triassic period of the Mesozoic Era

Pangea split in the Triassic period.

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