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When was the abacus invented?

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The abacus was invented around 2,700-2,300 BCE, by the Sumerians (Mesopotamia); that makes the invention about 4,400 years old.

This is the oldest dated abacus, there are several versions between 2,700 - 1,000 BCE, with many groups claiming responsibility for the invention.

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What is the Reason Why Abacus is Invented?

The abacus was invented to help people calculate.

Who invnted abacus?

the Chinese invented the abacus

If the Chinese invented the abacus what is the name of that person?

abacus was not invented by chinese, but by babylonians.

Who invented the abacus in 1642?

The abacus was invented by the Sumerians in 2,700 BCE, not in 1642 ACE

Photo of who invented abacus?

The abacus was invented before cameras and so no photograph exists.

What country invented the abacus?

the country that invented the abacus is China Actually it is unknown as the abacus seems to predate recorded history and different versions were independently invented in various places.

What is the name of the inventor of abacus?

Abacus was invented by the Chinesethe abacus was also known as the first computer

When was the greek abacus invented?

The abacus is actually Mesopotamian in origin and so it was invented around the time of Mesopotamia.

Name of the inventor of abacus?

The adapted abacus was invented by Tim Cranmer.

What is the sentence of abacus?

An abacus is an ancient mathematical tool invented by the Japanese.

What is the history of the abacus?

the history about the abacus is that 3000 years ago the chinese invented the abacus. The abacus was made of wood parrelel rod and beads.

When did the Chinese invent the abacus?

The chinese invented the abacus around 300-500bc.

Who invented the machine called the abacus?

the inventer to the abacus is unknown but all that i know so far is that its was invented in babylonia and was made with wood when first invented

Did Leonardo da Vinci invent the abacus?

No, the Abacus was invented by the Sumerians in 2,700 BCE

First computer invented?

That would be the abacus.

Who invented Chinese abacus?

Hmm... the answer is obvious !

Who invented the babyonian abacus?

The Babylonians in Babylon

Who invented the abacus and what is it used for?

The abacus was invented by the ancient Chinese people and was used to perform mostly mathematical calculations. In Japan, even to this day, the abacus is still used for simple calculations. Many people consider the abacus the first "computer" or at least the first calculator.

Which century was abacus invented?

Around 2500BC the first Abacus appeared in Sumaria. It arrived in Persia about 600BC. The Greek Abacus is recorded to have been in use about 500BC

Why did they invented the abacus?

It enabled people to carry out calculations.

In what part of Europe did the Abacus originate?

The abacus was not a European invention. Such devices were invented in China, about 5000 years ago.

Photo of babylonians who invented abacus?

The abacus was invented several thousand years ago. There was nobody around to take a picture of the inventors. The forerunner of the camera was invented less than 200 years ago.

What was the erliest computing devices?

probably an abacus. Invented by the Chinese.

Chinese things that start with the letter a?

abacus the chinese invented it

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