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The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October 1888, to John J. Loud, however the idea of using a ball point within a writing instrument to applying ink to paper has existed since the late 19th century.

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Q: When was the ballpoint pen invented?
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Related questions

When did laszlo biro invented the ballpoint pen?

laszlo biro invented the ballpoint pen in 1938 !

Who invented the modern ballpoint pen?

John J. Loud is credited for inventing the modern ballpoint pen.

What was the year ballpoint pen invented?

The first ballpoint pen was issued on 6 of jan by corbin doe

Who invented ballpoint pen?

While there were several prior patents launched, the standardised ballpoint pen as you know it was invented by László Bíró. The first patent of the ballpoint pen was John Loud ..1888; 60 years before.

What was invented in 1938?

The ballpoint pen

What year was the ballpoint pen was invented?

in 1979

What Hungarian invented the ballpoint pen?

Laszlo Biro

Did Ladislas Biro invented the ballpoint pen by accident?


When was the pen invented?

in 1884 the fountain pen was invented... however the first conventional ballpoint pen was invented in 1938.the first ball point pen was invented in 1888.the first ball point pen was invented in 1888.

When was the first ballpoint pen invented?

1888 by John Loud :)

On what date was the ballpoint pen invented?

It was in 1888 by John Loud

What were some of Laszlo Biro's accomplishments?

He invented the ballpoint pen

What did they used to write before the ballpoint pen was invented?


Who was the inventer of the pen?

John Loud invented the ballpoint pen in October of 1888. He invented it so that he could write on leather products.

Who invented ballpen?

Laszlo Biro was the inventor of the modern ballpoint pen.

What did the Lazlo brothers invent?

The Lazlo brothers invented the ballpoint pen.

Which country invented the ballpoint pen?

The first country to invent the ballpoint pen was the United States. John Jacob Loud, an American inventor, is known for designing the first ballpoint pen. However, it did not become a viable commercial endeavor until Biro Pens of Argentina was founded in 1941.

Who invented the ballponit pen?

The first ballpoint pen patent, 392,046, was issued to John Loud on October 30, 1888. However, László and Georg Bíró created the first commercial ballpoint pen.

When were ball pointed pens invented?

In Hungry Jozsef Biro invented the first ballpoint pen in 1938.

What did the first ballpoint pen invented look like?

Ball pen is one of the mediums use in writing that comes in different appearance such as colors, length and ball point. The first ballpoint of the pen invented was like a leather tanner issued on 30th of October 1888 by John J. Loud.

Did Laszlo Biro create the ballpoint pen alone?

George Biro and his brother Laszlo Biro created the Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen was invented by?

Laszlo Biro, born in Budapest, was the inventor of the ball point pen which was first presented in 1931

Did Lazlo Biro invent the ballpoint pen?

yes he did invent a ballpoint pen.yesYes, he did invent the ballpoint pen.

Where was the ballpoint pen invented?

at baton rouge Louisiana

Who were Laszlo and Georg Biro?

Laszlo Biro invented the Ballpoint pen. Georg was his brother.