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The base ten number system is very old and was almost certainly developed in a number of different places. The reason for this is that many people learn to count on their fingers, particularly in cultures that do not discourage the practice, and most people have ten fingers.

There is at least on place (in Spain) where most people have twelve fingers, and local people there often use a base twelve number system.

Early cultures had other systems, usually more complicated, such as the ancient Babylonian system of twenties and sixties, which historically gave us a circle of 360 degrees. The 360 degree circle is better suited to mathematics than a 100 degree circle, so it has historically been retained.

Some sociaties have chosen simpler systems, such as binary.

But the ten-based system seems to be cross cultural and most common world-wide. Its development is certainly prehistoric.

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Q: When was the base ten number system developed?
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Where did the number system develop?

The Arabic numeral system, which is base ten, developed in the middle east and India.

Which number system inspired base ten number system?

base 5

What is the base of the Chinese number system?

The base of the Chinese number system is ten.

Which number is the base of the decimal system?


What is the Cherokee number system?

base ten

What is the base of the decimal system?

The decimal system is based on the number ten.

Why is there ten digits in the base ten system?

In any system of counting, there are exactly the same number of digits as the base. They go from 0 to one less than the base.

What base is the Decimal Number System?

The base is 10.

What is the base-ten numeral form for 5649808?

As far as I can see, 5649808 is already in the base ten number system.

What base is your number system?

The number system commonly used by humans is base-ten.

Is the Modern Eastern Arabic number system a base ten system?


Why do we call our number system a base-ten system?

Because each digit is ten times the one to the right of it.

Is roman a base ten system?

The Roman Numeral system is considered a base ten system.

What is another name for the base ten number system?


What is the Latin based word for your number system base ten?


How convenient was Babylonian number system?

They the Sexagesimal number system. It means that it has a numeral system with sixty as its base. We used the decimal system with ten as its base. The system was convenient back then but I would not change our decimal system for the sexagesimal.

Which number represents the value of the base in every number system?

10 (that is, one zero, not ten).

What is a number that is written using the base-ten place value system?

a decimal

Assuming an arbitrary number system with a base 4 list first ten numbers in this system?


What is hexadecimal number?

The hexadecimal number system is one using 16 as the base instead of the more familiar ten which we use in the decimal system.

What is radix in number system?

The radix refers to the base of a number system: the total number of possible digits. The decimal number system that we all use is base ten, as it has ten distinct digits (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). Commonly used bases in computing include binary, octal, and hexadecimal, which have two, eight, and sixteen digits, respectively.

Why are there ten numbers in the base ten number system?

Simple answer? Because you have ten fingers, it was the easiest to count & the ancients ran with it. There have been other base number systems, for example Sumerians & Babylonians had base 60 (that's why there are 60 minutes, 60 seconds etc).

What is Hexadecimal Number systeam?

The hexadecimal number system is one using 16 as the base instead of the more familiar ten which we use in the decimal system.

How is 10 a prime number?

In base ten, ten is not a prime number. It is divisible by both 2 and 5. In base 2, however, 10 is equal to two in base ten and two is a prime number.

What number is your number system based on?

It depends on what system and what number. For example, if it was 14, it would be 14 in base ten, 1100 in binary (or base 2), E in hex (base 16) and 16 in octo (base 8) P.S: I'm a 11 year old kid!