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When was the bassoon First played in concert?

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it was played by a queerbag

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What is the pitch of the bassoon?

The bassoon is pitched in c-concert

When was a bassoon first played?

The bassoon was first played in the 15th century in Germany. Although this is true, modern day bassoons use European styles included in the American bassoons, usually seen in Fox and Heckle bassoons.

Which instrument came first out of oboe and bassoon?


Where did the bassoon first originate from and who invented it?

The Bassoon first originated in Germany. The Bassoon wasn't really invented. It developed and appeared during the renaissance.

Who played the bassoon and still is?


Is a bassoon played is the key of c?

Yes the bassoon is played in the key of c, same as the piano. It also tunes to a.

Where was the bassoon first discovered?

The bassoon was made in Germany, around the 1650s. Martin Hotterterre was the main man in discovering the bassoon.

What place is the bassoon played at?


What kind of instrument is the bassoon?

A bassoon is a woodwind instrument often played in an orchestra. I play one!

Has a famous song been played on the bassoon?

Yes, one of the most famous bassoon parts is in Peter and the Wolf. The bassoon plays the part of the Grandfather.

When was the first bassoon first constructed?


What was first black sabbath concert played in us?


How much is a bassoon usually with reeds?

well the bassoon has been played in many places so it is hard to answer the question

What is the first song played after the Rush concert ends during the 2007 concert tour?

bytor and the snow dogs

How is bassoon played?

it's played by using barakat's kare and his kun

What is a concert orchestra?

A concert orchestra is a group of musicians who play violin, viola, cello, and bass. This group also has instrumentals such as those who play flute, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon.

What kind of music is the bassoon played in?

lots of music

What instruments are in key of concert pitch c?

All string instruments are in the key of C (concert pitch), as well as the flute, oboe, bassoon, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba, and the piano.

What was Harry Styles first concert?

His first concert was a Nickelback concert.

Where did the bassoon first originate?

Germany. Germany.

Who first used the bassoon?

lil Hitler

Which anthem should be played first in a concert the American or Canadian one?

It depends where the concert is being staged. It is customary to play the anthem of the home country first. Hence, if the concert was in New York then the American anthem would be played first. If the concert was in Toronto then the Canadian anthem would be played first. There would only be a reason to play both anthems if there was a connection between the performing group and their original destination. An example would be a concert band/choir/orchestra from Canada performing in an American venue or anthems played before an American ice hockey team played a Canadian Ice Hockey team.

What dead famous people played the bassoon?

louis marie

What are the four double reed instruments in the band?

It depends on the band. I'm assuming the "Concert Band" which is usually the same as the symphony orchestra - two from the oboe family (the oboe and English horn) and two from the bassoon family (the bassoon and the contrabassoon).

When was elvis's first concert?

His first concert was in 1954.

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