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when was the electric violin invented? who invented the electric violin?

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The first electric violin was 'born' in the 1920's

A silent electric violin produces the same sound as an electric guitar. It isn't as loud as an acoustic violin, but isn't silent.

the cheapest electric violin at southwest strings is $350

The violin as it is today was probably invented in northern Italy.

Electric violins can play the same sheet music as an acoustic violin.

Andrea Amati invented the violin in Spain nad bootie.but

It depends on your electric violin. A hollow-body violin with an acoustic pickup (basically, a traditional violin with a microphone built into it) will make sound just like a standard acoustic violin. A solid-body electric violin will make sound without an amp...but unless you're the violin player, you won't hear it. sounds more electric. That's like asking if an electrical guitar sounds like an acoustic. absolutly not! The regular violin can have more of a mellow, natural sound. With the electric violin you can get more of a modern sound. The electric violin is usually used in fiddle/bluegrass music. The regular violin is used in classical performances and orchestras. I personally do not play a electric violin because they sound so different. But you can get them in different disigns, colors, and sometimes you can change the sounds on them.

Yes, there are electric violins. My friend has an electric violin and it sounds amazing. Many orchestras use them to get a more modern sound.

who perfected the violin? (major invented)

You would be able to play the electric violin just fine with Acoustic Violin skills. The only thing is that the electric violin might take some getting used to as it has a different fell from the acoustic.First you would have to actually buy a violin to see what it sounds like.Then you would also have to buy an electric one.Then you compare and contrast.Theres your answer!~Hope this was helpful!~Mitrian Mage :)No. Electric are heavier and you don't have to worry about producing sound (due to it being amplified). And some electric ones have frets.

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it was invented in the 16th century

She has a Baroque violin, an electric one, and I think she has another one.

There are basically two types of violin and they are the non-electric or acoustic violin and the electrin violin. There are, however, classifications of violins based on the era or the period in which they were built including the classical violin, the baroque violin or the modern violin.

Electric violins are amplified. Silent violins are not, they are for silent practice so as not to disturb people around you.

Not necessarily, although a strong foundation on the traditional instrument will give you a head start on the electric one.

A violin is hollow. The hollowness of the violin allows it to make sound; a solid violin will not play unless it is electric. If you look inside the f-holes on a violin you can see the inner wood of the violin.

It was invented in the early 16th century.

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Various types of woods. The electric violin can be made from other than wood.

An acoustic violin is a traditional/classical violin. When an instrument is acoustic, it doesn't rely on electricity or any other outside sources besides a player to operate. The other example would be an electric violin. This instance is the same as the two broad types of guitars - acoustic and electric.

from how i feel and what i know Andrea amati was the first to invent the violin..!

Yes, a violin is a classical instrument. They were first invented in the 1600s.

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