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When was the first FCAT?

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If, the FCAT means the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, then it was first administered I think in 1998. The program itself though was initiated in the 1970's but I don't know what took it so long... I didn't take the test when it was first administered, because I was too young at the time, but my friend told me about it. I am surprised I remembered.

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If you passed the fcat can you retake it?

No. If you failed the FCAT you can't retake it.

How do you get every question right in fcat explorer?

How to beat fcat explorer

What ages take FCAT?

Grades three through eleven take the FCAT.

Why should the FCAT should be ban?

because no one knows what FCAT means.

How do you pass the 5th grade fcat?

STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to pass reading math and science fcat!

What happen if you fail in fcat?

You may have a chance to take the other two FCAT tests to pass.

How well did alachua do on fcat writing?

they are bringing the scores up so we did well on Fcat writing

What happends if you pass the writing fcat but failed the reading fcat?

You move into a special E.D class

Forgot Fcat Explorer username?

Put you'r whole last name then first letter of you'r first name.

What is the best way to study for the math and reading Fcat?

Most libraries carry certain books for the FCAT that will help you with the skills needed. You can try to visit the FCAT website:

Does other states besides Florida take the FCAT?

no, they dont take "FCAT" because we are the only florida state. however they do take other comprehensive test similar to the FCAT but with another name

Who takes the fcat?


Does kindergarten take the FCAT?


Is the fcat tricky?


How hard is the fcat?

The Fcat is not that hard if you studied.It may also be hard for other people.If you are not good in a subject tell your mom to get you a tutor.Don't wait to the last minute when you fail the Fcat. The Fcat is not that hard but if you study you will pass the Fcat.It might seem hard for other kids because they don't listen in class.If you are bad with a subject tell your mom to get you a tutor.Don't wait until the last minute when you fail the Fcat.

Is the fcat timed?

Test like the SAT, CAT, FCAT, CASSEY legally can not be timed, but it doesnt mean take forever.

What is the highest score on FCAT?


What year did they invent the fcat?


Can a student refuse to take the FCAT?


When is the 2010 fcat?

march 9th

What are the answers for FCAT explorer science?


Do Tampa take fcat?


Is it true that since George Bush became president the Fcat got harder for children?

Yes it's true and that he created the Fcat

How do you log on to fcat explorer?

First you type your last name then your first name. second for your password then type the FIRST 4 or 5 letters of your last name, last log in.

How much is spent on the FCAT test each year?

I don't know, but I do know that I think FCAT stands for: Florida's Comprehension Assessment Test