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When was the first Walkman invented?

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1979 1979, according to the site below.

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Who invented the Walkman?

== == The Sony Walkman was invented in 1979 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Sony

When was the Sony Walkman invented?

The Sony Walkman was invented in 1979 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita of the Sony Corporation. The product line's history began with the first cassette Walkman TPS-L2 that changed the way consumers listen to music.

Who invented walkman?


Where was Walkman invented?


When was the Sony Walkman first invented?

The first prototype of the Sony Walkman was released in 1978. The next year, Walkman's were released in Japan and became very popular. In 1980, they were released in the United States.

What year was the Walkman invented?


Who invented the walkman radio?

I hate school

What country was the walkman radio invented?


When was the CD walkman invented?

the cd walkman was in vented in 10,00- bc it is better then the i pod touch 5G

Which of these was sold in stores first Sony walkman or post it notes?

the sony walkman

Was the Walkman invented in the mid 80's?

The portable audio cassette player (Walkman) was built in 1978 by Nobutoshi Kihara for Sony

What did Akio Morita invent?

Akio Morita was the one who invented the "Walkman"

In what country was tthe walkman invented?

Probably Japan. That is where Sony is located

Where did the first walkman first come out?

they first came out in your mind

What came first post it notes or sony walkman?

"Post it notes" no, i watched the 1million dollar money drop, they lost cause they though that post it notes came before the Walkman. they did not the Walkman came first

Who invented the first portable music player?

Sony in 1978 when they invented the Walkman `Soundabout`a potable audio cassette player capable of Hi-Fi stereo sound. Apple started in 2001?

What came first Walkman of the first radio?

=The Radio was around long before the walkman, The radio was out during WWII and earlier and the walkman only came out in around the 70's so if i am correct that is after the good old radio!=

When was the first Sony Walkman introduced?


What music devices were invented between 1979 to 2008?

the walkman, CD player and iPod

What year was the first Sony Walkman sold?


In 1978 what was the first portable stereo called?

The Walkman!

When was sony walkman first sold in stores?


When was first Sony Walkman sold in stores?


What inventions was sold first in stores?

Sony Walkman

Who invented the personal stereo?

The personal stereo is also known as a Walkman. This portable personal stereo player was invented by Andreas Pavel.