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When was the first Xerox machine invented?


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The xerographic process was first successfully demonstrated by Chester A. Carlson in New York City in 1938.

After some 20 years of development work, the first fully automated plain paper copier was offered for sale by the Haloid-Xerox Company of Rochester, NY, (later the Xerox Corporation) in 1959. During the early-mid 1950s some semi-manual applications of the xerographic process were also sold by Haloid-Xerox.


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The first mechanical copier or Xerox machine was called the Model A. It was introduced by Xerox Corporation in 1949.

A Xerox Machine is any machine marketed by the Xerox Corporation. Many different machines have been marketed by Xerox Corporation, and were invented by different people at different times. Some people incorrectly say "xerox machine" when they want to say "photocopier" or something similar. The process used in most modern photocopiers is called xerography and was invented by Chester Carlson. Machines using that process were developed (not invented) by a team of engineers working for the Haloid Company, later called the Xerox Corporation.

The photocopier was invented in the year 1959. Xerox was the company that released the first photocopier. Chester Carlson was the inventor of the machine.

he invented the Xerox machine

Hi guys I worked for Rank Xerox from 1970 till 2001. I can't directly answer the question, but I can tell you that in the late 1970s we were using a fax machine (I think the 485) which was the first machine I recall.

Floyd Carlson was not connected with the invention of the Xerox copier. Chester Carlson developed the process that is now called xerography and that is the basis for the first copiers made by Xerox. The engineers and technicians of the Haloid Company, working with Carlson and scientists of the Battelle Memorial Institute, invented the first "Xerox machine." Haloid later changed its name to Xerox Corporation.

The "original" version of the fax machine was invented by Alexander Bain. The first "fax service" was put into place by giovanni Caselli. Xerox is generally credited with the "modern day" fax machine in the 1960s.

Photo copying machine is the Meaning of xerox machine. It comes from the company xerox corp.

Chester A. Carlson invented the xerographic process in New York City in 1938. The Xerox machine, the photocopying machine introduced in 1958, was developed by Mr Carlson along with a large team of engineers at Battelle Labs in Columbus, Ohio, and Haloid Corporation (later Xerox Corporation) in Rochester, NY.

Chester Carlson invented the xerographic process and worked with the Battelle Institute and Haloid Corporation (later renamed the Xerox Corporation) to apply that process to a marketable product.

Chester F. Carlson invented the Xerographic process used in Xerox machines in 1938 in Astoria, Queens, New York City. After decades of develpment the first Xerox Machine, the first fully automated copier, called the 914 was offered for sale in 1959. Xerography is a system of dry writing which uses special powder, static elestricity, and a light-sensitife semi-conductor to make a photographic image or copy.

They rented a new Xerox machine from Xerox Corporation.

The fax machine for the telephone was not invented until the 1960s. It was first marketed by the Xerox Corporations in 1964.

A Xerox machine is a machine marketed by the Xerox corporation. Xerox corporation offers many output devices (printers) and also input devices (scanners).

Chester Carlson invented xerography, the process eventually used in the original Xerox machines. He first successfully demonstrated the process in 1938

The correct way to use Xerox in a sentence is to use it to refer to a machine made by the Xerox corporation, or to the Corporation itself, for example:They rented a new Xerox machine from Xerox Corporation.

The plain paper copier, often incorrectly called a "Xerox MAchine," was developed by a team of engineers and technicians employed by the Haloid Company in Rochester, NY. They based their work on the process of electrophotography, or xerography, that was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938, and Mr. Carlson worked closely with Haloid on the development of the first commercial plain paper copier.

The Sharpe AR 5516 is NOT a Xerox machine because it is not made or sold by the Xerox Corporation.

As of 2004 there are many models of the Xerox machine. Some include the Xerox Work Center 3, Open Box Work Station, and the Xerox 3220 DN.

When Xerox originated depends on what you mean by "Xerox." The company that is now called Xerox Corporation was formed as the Haloid Company in 1906. It changed its name to Xerox Corporation around 1958. The process of xerography, the making of a photocopy with dry ink, was first demonstrated in 1938. The first machine using xerography was marketed about 1954 and the first fully automated xerographic copy machine was released in 1959. Any one of these dates could be "when Xerox originated" to some people.

Xerox is the name of a company and was not invented. The company was formed in 1906 as the Haloid company and became Xerox Corporation in 1958. The process of plain paper copying that was brought to market by the Xerox Corporation is called xerography and was invented by Chester Carlson. He first successfully demonstrated the process in 1938, after many years of experimentation.

brazil invented the first photocopier machine

The Laser Printer was invented at Xerox in 1969.

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