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when was the first disaster ever recorded

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โˆ™ 2021-10-30 18:38:16
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Q: When was the first ever natural disasters ever recordered?
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Has any state ever had 2 natural disasters?

Yes, Christchurch and other countries have had at least 2 natural disasters.

Has any natural disasters ever happen in Jupiter?

Yes, they have

Did mission san Rafael arcangel ever have any natural disasters?


What natural disasters happened to san Rafael mission?

did san rafael ever had a natural disaster

Where is the safest place on Earth to hide from natural disasters?

None. Natural disasters of one type or another happen everywhere. Some very rare natural disasters will affect every part of Earth should they ever happen.

What are some websites on naturl disasters?

Well I only know 1 website on natural disasters and it ever your natural disaster is)( e.g tsunamis)

How does Global Warming effect natural disasters?

makes them more horrid than ever

Is there ever going to be a tornado in New Mexico?

There might be a tornado. Natural disasters happen everywhere.

Why does the earth now have natural disasters such as earthquakes volcanoes and tidal waves?

The Earth has always had natural disasters - ever since it formed ! It's simply because the Earth's crust is unstable - and weather patterns are not totally predictable !

When was the first natural disaster ever recorded?

when was the first disaster ever recorded

Has there ever been natural disasters in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Pennsylvania has experiences blizzards, floods, ice storms, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes.

Has there ever been any natural disasters in the temperate grasslands?

Yes. Many temperate grasslands are frequented by tornadoes and fires. Some areas have experienced earthquakes.

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