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According to Jewish legend the first golem or homunculus was created in the year 5340 after the creation of the world or about 1646 Common Era. The Golem: A Jewish Legend (see link to the right for more information)

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According to Kabbalistic tradition, the first golem was also the first human.

The word "golem" comes from the Hebrew language, and means "shapeless mass". A golem is defined as a creature created from some inanimate material (Usually clay or dirt) and animated or brought to life through means of magic, or holy powers.

In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, it says that God shaped the first human, Adam, from the dirt. So in Kabbalistic tradition, they interpreted this to mean he was first created as a golem, then turned in to a human; and as such, that golems are one step short of humans.

So, according to that theology, the golem was first created just prior to man's own creation.

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Q: When was the first golem created?
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