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Q: When was the first small letter invented?
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When was the first letter invented?

world- i wrote the first letter in 1821, i was of two years of age and very small. Now i am over 100 years old and found my first grey hair! Peace out!

Who invented the first letter?

The first Letter was found in Byblos, Lebanon

Who invented the first letter of the alphabet?

Kaylee Eiter.

Who invented the first toothpaste in small lines?

Baby Jesus

When was the first small nuclear reactor invented?

In 1942, Chicago

What was the TV like when it was invented?

The first TV was very small and circular. (add to this)

What the meaning of letter 'm' in microscope?

'M' would be the first letter of 'micro' which means 'small'. Usually 'very small'.

Who invented the letter A?

the letter a was invented by the antint egptins.

Differnce between Internet and Internet?

first begins with capital letter and other with small letter!

Who invented the first led flashlight in this world?

The first LED light was invented by a man named nick holonyak in 1962. He was working at the General Electric company at the time of his small invention.

Who invented a small camera?

George Eastman invented the small camera

What was a tv like when they first where invented?

it was small, b/w, unclear and probably only bbc1. if!