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There is quite a lot of information available in the US patent records. See this article at that references several patents, one dating back to 1898, that are related to water rocketry.

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What year rocket was invented?

in 1938 first rocket was invented

Who was the first person to build a rocket?

Robert Goddard invented the first "modern" rocket. That is, a liquid fuel rocket.

Who invented first space rocket?


When was the first rocket ship invented?


Was an airplane or a rocket invented first?

-- The gunpowder rocket was invented around 500 BCE. -- The first successful flight of an airplane was in 1903. So the rocket sneaked past the airplane in line by about 2,400 years.

Who invented victorian trains?

George Stephenson invented the first train 'The Rocket'

Who invented the first rocket ship in 1926?

The First Liquid fueled rocket was launched by Robert Hutchings Goddard Of U.S

When was the Rocket Catapult invented?

Who invented the rocket Catapult

Which scientist invented rocket?

Robert H. Goddard made the first liquid fuel rocket the first solid fuel rocket was by the Chinese as early as 1000 ad

Who invented the first compressed air rocket?

C. Golightly

Who was DrRobert Goddard?

He invented the first liquid-fueled rocket!

What year was the rocket invented?

It was first invented by the Chinese during the Song Dynasty. Year is unkown by me.

When was rocket car invented?

Rocket car was invented in 1928. The first rocket car was the OpelRak1 which acheived the speed of 75 km/h on March 15, 1923 which was produced by Fritz Von Opel.

When was the rocket engine invented?

It partly depends on what you mean by rocket engine; the Aeolipile was a steam rocket powered sphere which was first described in the first century AD - 2000 years ago

Why was the first rocket ship invented?

people wanted to go to the moon

Who invented the first multistage rocket?

adolph shamms and ralph adams

What was the first rocket ever invented?

Possibly by the Chinese in the 13th century

Who invented the ancient Chinese rockets?

Wan-Hu invented the first rocket chair, with 47 rockets.

Who invented the V Saturn Rocket?

The Saturn 5 rocket was invented by N.A.S.A.

Why did the rocket invented the rocket?

that does not make scense

When was the space rocket first invented?

The first rocket reached space on October 3, 1942. It was the V2 rocket made by the Germans as a ballistic missile to deliver bombs during World War 2.

Who made the first rocket and about them?

Rockets were invented by the Chinese many centuries ago.

Why was the first liquid rocket invented?

replace solid fuels- easily combustible!

Who invented the first rocket launcher?

I dont know!! Go to another site.

Who invented the first rocket ship?

The first rocket was made in 100 B.C. by an Ancient Greek named Hero of Alexandria. The first rocket used as a spacecraft and a satellite was Sputnik. It was set into orbit by Russia on October 4 1957.