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When was the first wheel invented?

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5th century BC, it was created by the sumerians and there where a lot of evidence and the sumerians lived in mesopotamia

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Who invented the steering wheel?

who invented the first steering wheel

What was invented first Boat or Wheel?

defiantly the wheel

Who invented the first wheel?

The Sumerians invented the wheel. They made out of steel, iron and rock.

When was the first wheel with spokes invented?

Who invented the first wheel? I honestly dont know, but it was one of the greatest invention ever!

What was the first technology invented?

The wheel

George ferris invented the ferris wheel?

yes the first ferris wheel was invented by george ferris!

What was the first thing invented a lever a wedge a pulley a wheel a screw or a ramp?

the first thing invented was the wheel. take that people of the world.

In what country was the wheel invented?

The wheel was invented in India. They were the first who had made a prototype of what we today call the wheel. A wheel in India is called Ashoka Chakra (chakra means wheel)

When were shields first invented?

china first invented shields around 1100 B.C. not to long after they invented the wheel.

What did the Mesopotamians invent?

They invented the wheel, the street, irrigation and they also invented the world's first written language. They did invent a lot of things besides the wheel. They invented the world's first written language (Cuneiform); they invented the lever, saw, pulley, wheel, arch, the first calendar, and irrigation.

Where was the wheel and axle when it was first invented?

In mesopotamia.

Who invented the water wheel first?

Leonardo Da Vinci drew the first diagram of the water wheel.

Where did the first wheel come from?

the very first wheel was invented by the cavemen in the late 12 billion BC,

When was the wheel and axle invented?

The earliest place that the wheel was known to be was in Sumer in 3500 B.C .The wheel was first used as a machine in the 1st century B.C. when the water wheel was invented..

Where was the first wheel invented?

The wheel was invented by the Mesopotamians which is located somewhere around turkey (its a country in case if you havent heard about it)

What was the first thing ever invented with wheels?

with the wheel the bulb was also invented

What did the Mesopotamians use the wheel for?

The wheel was first invented in ancient Mesopotamia. The first wheel to be used was the potter's wheel, with which they made clay pots and other vessels.

Who invented the wheel around 3500 B.C?

No one can say who invented the wheel, nor when or where it was invented first. Without doubt it must have been invented by many different cultures.

What was invented first fire or the wheel?

Fire is a natural phenomenon and thus it was not invented. on the other hand, fire was definitely discovered by man before the wheel was invented.

Year the first big wheel was invented?


Who invented the first water wheel?

Mary gunter did

Was the world's first wheel invented by Australian's?


Why was the first wheel invented?

The wheel was revolutionary. Today, almost everything uses a wheel. No one knows why the wheel was invented, but I know that in Mesopotopia, in the year 3500BC, someone invented it and used it as what we call the "potter's wheel". Others believe that cave-men invented it before that; in the stone age. sumerians invented the wheel and used it for vehicals,sailboats,mechines,and pottery bowls.

Where was the first ferris wheel made what George ferris invented?

it was invented in Chicago :) :D

Who invented the first wheel and axle?

No one knows who invented it because it seemed to have been invented in the neolithic age.