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A highlighter is a special type of pen that is used to denote special lines of information in documents or books. They were invented in 1963 by Carterâ??s Ink Company.

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Who invented the highlighter?

The Highlighter was invented in 1962, In Japan, by a man by the name of Yukio Horie.

How was the highlighter invented?

highlighters were invented with nail polish and paints

What are the elements in a highlighter?

A highlighter is covered in pyranine.

What if you put a highlighter in your vagina?

why do a highlighter? Why not a mega sharpie!

Where was the first highlighter used?

the first highlighter was used in Ireland

Why does tonic water not glow when mixed with green highlighter ink?

It depends on the highlighter and how you are putting the highlighter felt in the tonic water.

How do you say highlighter in French?

A highlighter is "un surligneur" (masc.) in French.

How do you spell highlighter in french?

a highlighter is called 'un surligneur' in French.

How can you use the word highlighter in a sentence?

Can you pass me the highlighter? Mine is out of ink.

What is a highlighter used for?

You use A highlighter to color text that is very important to you. Dj

What do you call a highlighter in French?

A highlighter is called 'un surligneur' in French. To highlight is 'surligner' in French.

Can your dog get poisoned by eating a highlighter?

depends if it is a toxic or non-toxic highlighter, is it's poo green?

How do you highlight something?

you take the highlighter and put it on a piece of paper and go on top of the words with a highlighter so that's how.

What is makeup highlighter for?

Highlighter illuminates the face. Apply it to your forehead, cheek bones, your chin, and underneath your eyebrows. With this, your face looks instantly illuminated. I use highlighter every day. It looks fantastic on everyone.

How do you use the highlighter in office 2007?

Select the text you want to highlight, click the Highlighter icon (on the Home tab of the ribbon).

Will the fumes from the highlighter cause most people an allergic reaction?

No, most people are not allergic to the solvents used in highlighter pens.

What is an object that contains phosphorus?

A highlighter.

How do you get highlighter off of carpet?


Are highlighter pens toxic?

yes they are

Can highlighter diminished people's memory?


How do you say highlighter in German?


How do you break open a highlighter?

you smash it

How long does a highlighter glow?


Does Accent offer an erasable highlighter?


What does surligneur mean in french?


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