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The first scanner was the sending part of the first general-purpose fax, invented in 1881 by Shelford Bidwell.

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Q: When was the image scanner invented?
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When was image scanner invented?

The first image scanner was invented 1997.

Who invented the first image scanner?

Ray Kurzweil invented the first image scanner in 1997. The image scanner is a way of copying things with more detail.

Who created the image scanner?

An image scanner optically scans images, printed text or handwriting and converts it to a digital image. It was invented by Ray Kurzweil.

Who invented the image scanner?

Muhammad Salik bin Zaheer of India was the mastermind behind the invention of the image scanner that we use today in our daily life.

Who invented image scanner?

The inventor of the image scanner is Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil was born in Queens, New York in 1948 and received his education at MIT. He currently works as a director of engineering at Google.

Who was the inventor of the scanner?

The image scanner was invented by Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil, who is also an author of many books, currently works at Google as a director of engineering.

Which scanner converts graphics into electronic form?

Image Scanner

When was flatbed scanner invented?

flatbed scanner invented in 1975 by Ray Kurzweil

How scanner work?

A scanner works by capturing the digital image of document and uploading it to the computer. The image can then be altered and reprinted.

What does an image scanner do?

A scanner pretty much works like a copy machine, the main difference being, a scanner will convert the image into a digital format for electronic use. How do you acquire an image? Two options 1> Use the software provided with the scanner 2> Using MS Office, you can insert image->get from scanner-> this will initiate the scanner and convert the image to digital formate (JPEG) and insert in your document.

Is a scanner an input or output device?

A scanner inputs an image of a document

What is the functionality of a scanner?

scanner functionality is images scaning ,image editing

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