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When was the keyboard invented?


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The first practical, modern typewriter was patented in 1868.


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why was the keyboard invented

The country that the keyboard was invented in depends on which type of keyboard. The musical keyboard and computer keyboards were invented in different countries.

the keyboard stand was invented in 2013

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the keyboard in 1875

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the computer keyboard.

paul garywas the man who invented the ergonomic keyboard

The Braille keyboard was invented in 1836 by Wheatstone and Cook.

IBM are invented the first laser keyboard.

The basic keyboard was invented during 1954.

keyboard guitarman, mr.! keyboard guitarman

who invented the instrument keyboard

the piano was invented by bartolomeo Cristofori And that is the right answer i got it in music class

Invented the typewriter in the United States utilizing the QWERTY keyboard

Name:Christopher Latham SholesInvention:Computer KeyboardWhat year was it invented?1875

The computer keyboard was invented to provide a simple input device. It was designed to feel and look like a commercial typewriter keyboard.

The first keyboard was invented in 1868 by Christopher Sholes. The first modern keyboard was when the computers arrived in the mid 20th century.

Christopher Latham Scholes invented the qwerty keyboard in 1875.christopher latham scholes

Mathew Roper invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1875

it was dylan doobs who invented this.

electric piano keyboardThefirat electric keyboard piano was invented by a man named Jack Genriona. He invented it when he was 36 years old. He worked for a week in a labotory in Iggelwood, California.

Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits ("Prophet" keyboard manufacturers) invented MIDI in 1981-83. The Prophet was the first keyboard to implement midi control.

John Vincent invented the keyboard in October 1896.

They invented the water organ, which was kind of a keyboard

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1875

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