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2002 grand final and played in the 2004 grand final against the bulldogs

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Q: When was the last time the Sydney Roosters won a grand final?
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When was the last time south sydney rabbithos won a grand final in the nrl?


What was the final score in the 1908 NRL grand final?

South Sydney Rabbitohs won the inaugural NSWRFL Championship in 1908, they defeated the Eastern Suburbs 14 to 12 in the Grand Final.South Sydney went on to win a futher 19 NSWRFL premierships, last coming in 1971.*NSWRFL=New South Wales Rugby Football League.

When was the last time collingwood won a final?

2010 - Grand Final.

When does spring end in Sydney Australia?

The final day of spring throughout Australia, including Sydney, is on the last day of November.

When did St Kilda last get into the AFL Grand Final?

St Kilda last played in the September 2009 Grand Final against Geelong - which Geelong won.

What is the final part of something called?

The "End", the finale or grand finale. The last lap, last part, final league, last gasp or last breath.

What year did Penrith win their last Grand Final?

In 2003.

What year did the Western Bulldogs last win a grand final?

1954 - when known as Footscray Bulldogs. That has been their ONLY grand final win.

Did any team win the afl grand final from bottom position previous year?

No, it hasn't happened. The closest was Collingwood which went from last in 1976 then drew the grand final in 1977. Collingwood lost in the grand final replay.

When did geelong last beat st kilda in the final?

Geelong and St Kilda have never played off in a Grand Final

When has the AFL final not been played on the last Saturday in September?

The last time the final was not played in the last Saturday in September was in 2000. The final played several weeks earlier so that it would not conflict with the Sydney 2000 Olympics 15 September - 1 October 2000.

When was the last time the west coast eagles won the AFL grand final?