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Q: When was the nike swoosh first put on a shoe?
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Was the first Nike shoe put out in 1982?

No before nike was the name of the company , it was Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) (1962-1978) then they changed it in nike . What also means Greek God. Nike now exist (1978 - 2...)

Does Nike plus ipod work with other shoes?

yes just put the sensor in or on your shoe

Does Nike offer any discounts for supporting the Reuse-A-Shoe Program?

Nike does not provide discounts on new products. Nike believes in taking responsibility for the products put into the marketplace. In addition, the Reuse-A-Shoe program takes back ALL brands to recycle.

Why do people always put their right shoe on first?

i am not sure but i can tell you this: i don't always put my right shoe on first. i put my left shoe on first. maybe some people just have a habit of putting their right shoe on first lol

How do you put two shoe strings in a shoe?

just put the first one in normal, then do the second, the same way:)

Which shoe do you put on first?

It depends on which hand you use.

How does a shoe work?

First, you put your foot in and then you tighten the straps if the shoe has any and you walk around.

Can you buy NBA team issued Nike shoes?

I am pretty sure you can not but if you go you can customize your own pair of shoes. Kobe Bryant has shoes from Nike id also. You can pick from almost any type of Nike shoe. You can put your name on them also. I have a pair and I love them.

Where can I find reliable reviews of the Nike free 7.0?; this is a forum where people have put their review of this shoe. This is a good site to use because you know it's from actual people.

What are the best running shoes in white for a marathon?

There are many good running shoe's out there, I can recommend a few that I like, Nike and Mizuno both put out a great running shoe. My best recommendation to you is to try a few different and find the one that works best for you.

Where can I get Nike free run running shoe?

No, I am sorry Nike does not give away free shoes. There was a hoax email, that made it look like it came from nike themselves, that went around years ago. It got so bad that they had to put a disclaimer on their website that Nike never sends out unsolicited emails. If you want shoes you will have to pay, or go to a thrift store you might find a pair of used Nikes.

What is zoom- air?

Its type of air tech that nike uses put in effect mostly in basketball most shoes that are zoom can be identified by the big air bubble or pocket at the bottom of the shoe that sometimes runs along the bottom of the whole shoe.. For example look at Lebron x