When was the notepad invented?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: When was the notepad invented?
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What year was the first notepad invented?

The first notepad was invented by J.A. Birchall in 1902

Who invented the note pad?

J.A Birchall invented the first notepad

When was the first notepad invented?

to save save your notes

What did JA Birchall invent?

J.A. Birchall invented the notepad

Who invented the notepad?

Notepads were used by scribes in ancient Rome. They were clay and not paper.

Who invented the first notepad?

J.A.BirchallNotepads were invented to jot down random notes that you might forget!For example one may write down "pick up dry cleaning".

Who invented the nike symbol?

a boy was drawing in his notepad and a business man seen his drawing and ask to buy it for only 20 dollars

When was Programmer's Notepad created?

Programmer's Notepad was created in 1998.

What is notepad hardware or software?

A notepad is a book a "thing" it is neither hardware or software.

Who invent the nowadays notepad and when it is invented?

Perhaps you need to learn how to word sentences and just grammar in general and MAYBE, people would know what you are asking.

Where are notepad files I can't find them in my computer file system?

Notepad files aren't something that just pop up on your system. You have to make them through the program called Notepad, which can be found at Start>All Programs>Accessories>Notepad. Once you have made the notepad document, you can save it somewhere on the computer, and then it is an editable Notepad file.

What does notepad allow you to do?

Its a pad through which we can store notes is to be known as notepad.