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H. G. Wells' novel The World Set Free published in 1914 was the first usage of the term atomic bomb. He reasonably correctly estimated their energy release (based on Einstein's special relativity) but could not imagine that the energy could be released faster than was possible in chemical bombs, so his atomic bomb explosions took days to weeks instead of microseconds.

Leo Szilard invented the neutron chain reaction, which makes both atomic bombs and nuclear reactors possible in 1933 while living in London. He patented it in 1934 and when the patent (GB630726) was granted in 1936 he sold it to the British Admiralty who classified it to keep the information from the Nazis. The only problem was that no material was known at that time that would support a neutron chain reaction.

In 1939 a joint German and Swedish team in repeating an experiment performed originally in 1938 by Enrico Fermi (who had mistakenly decided that when he bombarded uranium with neutrons that he had made transuranic elements) determined that neutrons split the uranium atom into two smaller intensely radioactive atoms plus several neutrons. It was not necessary to see Szilard's classified patent to realize that uranium was the material that would support a neutron chain reaction. It took a little more research to identify that only the rare uranium-235 isotope (0.7%) would support a neutron chain reaction, not the plentiful uranium-238 isotope (99.3%).

The British did not declassify Szilard's patent until 1949, after the Soviet atomic bomb test.

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Why did the president invent a nuclear bomb?

No president invented any nuclear bomb.

Who invented the nuclear bomb where was he from?

Leo Szilard invented the fission bomb. Edward Teller invented the fusion bomb. Both were from Hungary.

What country invented the nuclear bomb?


How did he invent the nuclear bomb?

he invented it with metal

Why did they invented the nuclear bomb?

They invented the nuclear bomb to be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It was invented by a group of scientists. This group, ironically, included Einstein until he died and was replaced.

Which country invented Nuclear Fusion bomb first?


Nuclear weapons in World War 1?

There were no nuclear weapons in WW1. The nuclear bomb was not invented until WW2.

What president invented the nuclear bomb?

None. The fission bomb was invented in 1933 by the physicist Leo Szilard. The staged fusion bomb was invented in 1949 by the mathematician Stan Ulam and the physicist Edward Teller.

Was Franklin D Roosevelt in office when the nuclear bomb was invented?

Yes he was.

Was the Nuclear Bomb invented in Tennessee?

No, it was invented in London in 1933 and built in Los Alamos, NM in 1945.

Who invented the device that released the nuclear bomb Fat Man?

robert serber

Is the nuclear bomb the biggest bomb?

No the hydrogen bomb is -The hydrogen bomb is a type of nuclear bomb.

What is the difference between nuclear bomb and plutonium bomb?

A nuclear bomb is any bomb with any nuclear or atomic material inside it, while a plutonium bomb is a specific type of nuclear bomb. Plutonium could be the nuclear material inside the bomb, and if it is, it's a plutonium bomb.

Which is more destructive a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb, is a nuclear bomb

What country was the nuclear bomb invented in?

During world war 2, the United States finished making them. They were first to have a nuclear bomb and the only ones to use it againts mankind.

Why was the nuclear bomb invented?

Originally as a defense against the possibility of Nazi Germany making it.

When was Nuclear Weapons Invented?

Read Richard Rhodes book : The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

Which country in Asia invented the first nuclear bomb?

After USSR (mostly in asia), China.

What did Julius Robert oppenheimer invent?

He invented the first nuclear weapon, the atomic bomb.

Which is more powerful an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb?

Both. An atomic bomb IS a nuclear bomb.

What is the hbomb?

A hydrogen bomb is, by far, the most destructive weapon that mankind has ever invented. It is the most powerful type of nuclear bomb.

Is a bomb a nuclear reaction?

A bomb can be either conventional or nuclear.

What is the impact of the nuclear bomb?

the Vagina (nuclear bomb) will expand

When and where the nuclear bomb invented?

The first atomic bomb was developed during a top secret project in Word War II called "Manhattan".

How was the first nuclear bomb invented?

Read Richard Rhodes book "The Making of the Atomic Bomb", the definitive publicly available work on the subject.

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