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Q: When was the queens first commonwealth tour?
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What was the first commonwealth country visited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after their wedding?

CanadaTthe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first Commonwealth Tour was to Canada, from 30th June to 10 July, 2011

What was the first commonwealth countryprince William and kate visited?

on thier tour they visited canada and los angeles

Why did Mozart travel to different countries?

He did this to play for Kings and Queens, and for the Grand Tour.

When was First Commonwealth Bank created?

First Commonwealth Bank was created in 1857.

How many sports were in the first commonwealth games?

There were 9 sports in the first commonwealth games

Where was the first commonwealth held?

The first Commonwealth Games were held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930.

What was the year the first commonwealth game ever held?

The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930.

Were the first commonwealth games in GlascoScotland?

The first Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland was in 2014.

When did Fiji first enter the Commonwealth Games?

Fiji first participated at the Commonwealth Games in 1938.

What country held the first commonwealth games?

Hamilton, Canada hosted the first Commonwealth Games in 1930.

What was the first Jonas brothers music tour?

their first tour was with Miley Cyrus on her best of both worlds tour but their first single tour was when you look me in the eyes tour

What year did Queen Elizabeth first visit Uganda?

Her Majesty The Quuen was the first monarch to visit Australia and visited in 1953 during her commonwealth tour just after being crowned Queen.