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It was invented around the year 700 in Seville, Spain. No one knows exactly who invented it, it may have been more than one person.

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Q: When was the quill pen invented?
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Who invented the quill pen?

their really is no telling who invented the Quill pen due to the fact that it was invented so long ago but evidence proves that in was first invented in Seville Spain

Where was the quill pen invented?

Sevike spain

Why was the quill pen invented?

it was fun to use

Who invented the first quill pen?

It was Lauren grant Tyler

What did they used to write before the ballpoint pen was invented?


When Jefferson wrote the Declaration did he do it with quill or pen?

A quill. Pens weren't invented for another 150 years.

1 What is the significance of the quill pen?

The quill pen writes stuff, end.

How long ago did people stop using quill pens?

I am not using quill pens.1884 somebody invented the pen so they stoped!

What is a Quill Tip Pen?

A quill tip pen is a pen that is made from the flight feather of a large bird. Quill pens were used from the 6th to 19th century.

What sort of pen did William Shakespeare write with?

A quill pen, very possibly a goose quill.

What are the difference between a quill pen and a Biro?

a quill pen has mor ink than a biro

What is a pen called with a feather in it?

quill pen

What came first quill pen or reed pen?

The reed pen came about before the quill pen. The quill pen later replaced the reed pen somewhere within the 7th century, since the reed pen was unable to retain a sharp point for very long.

What is the holder for a quill pen called?

Simply, a Quill Holder.

Who and when invented the first ever type of pen?

Please define the type of pen you are asking about. Some examples are: reed, quill, steel nib, fountain, ballpoint, gel, felttip, space pen.If you mean the quill pen: it was used from the sixth century to the nineteenth century, its inventor is unknown. Prior to the quill pen the reed pen was used. Reed pens have been found in fourth century BC Egyptian tombs, it is not known when or by whom they were invented. Fine point brushes were also used for writing for centuries.The quill pen became obsolete in the 1820s, following the introduction of the maintenance-free, mass produced steel nib by John Mitchell.

What is the timeline for a ballpoint pen?

The quill pen, the fountain pen and then the ball point pen.

Did Abraham Lincoln use pen or feather pen?

he used a quill pen :)

What is a quill?

A quill is a writing implement (Pen) made from a feather of a large bird.

What is the tip of a quill pen called?

The tip of a writer's quill is call the 'nib.'

What do you call a pen with a feather?


What is a pen made from a feather?


What year was the quill pen invented?

Most probably within the 5th or 6th centuries. 401 AD to 600 AD

What came first a ink pen or a typewriter?

Ink pen as in Quill

What kind of pen was used to sign the declaration of independence?

The quill pen.

Who invented the quill?

There is no evidence regarding who invented the quill however it has been proven it was invented in Spain