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It's water

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Q: When water is dissovled in water what is the water?
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Can wax be dissovled in water?

No, wax and water are immiscible.

Salt dissovled in water physical or chemical?

Dissolving in water is a physical change.

When dissovled in water a base is a substance that reacts with?

A base reract with acids.

What happens to a solution when it is supersaturated?

It has more dissovled solution than water

Is Carbonic acid dissovled in water a biological weathering agent?

No its Chemical

Do you see chloride dissovled in water?

The chloride anion is not observed in solution.

Does naphthalene dissovled in water?

No, naphthalene is a non polar organic solid so insoluble in water.

Will metal rust underwater?

iron will rust under water due to the oxygen dissovled in the water

What molecules dissociates into cations and anions when dissovled in water?

any (strong) electrolyte

How do you get salt out of water after it is dissovled?

The easiest way is to evaporate the water off which may be speeded up by boiling

Sodium chloride be dissovled in water?

Sodium chloride is very soluble in water - 360,9 g/L.

What salts are dissovled in the body?

All salts soluble in water can exist also in organisms.

What is the most abundant substace dissovled in ocean water?

if u do not know this u are a handy

Plasma is about 90 percent water and 10 percent what?

10 percent of dissovled substances

Does rainwater Not Contain Any Dissovled Minerals Is Called Hard Water?

No; hard water contain carbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium.

What do you call water whch has a chemical dissovled in it?

Water that has something dissolved in it is called a solvent. A solute dissolved in a solvent is a solution. If the solvent is water, it's an aqueous solution.

How is solute different from solvent?

solute is what is being dissovled, a solvent is what the solute is being dissolved in. ex: Salt ( solute) water (solvent)

Is Liquid sodium chloride is a good conductor?

Yes because this is an ionic compound so when its dissovled in water the ions are free to conduct electricity

In a solution what substance is dissovled?

The solute is dissolved in the solvent.

What is it called when a solid can not be dissovled?

Insoluble substances do not dissolve.

What is the solute in ice cream?

Solutes are things that dissolve in the solvent. Sugar and vanilla dissovled in the milk and water. Solutes: Sugar and Vanilla

How quick is enzymes?

the enzymes is really fast and it dissovled food

What happens to food when it is in the stomach?

It si dissovled by stomach acid.

In the solution the what is the substance thaqt is dissovled?

The solute is dissolved in a solvent.

How Make up a 7.5 percent solution of sodium carbonate in water?

take 7.5 gram of sodium carbonate and dissovled in 100 ml of water..thats it.. this solution is called 7.5% sodium carbonate soultion.