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over the long period of time the rocks wear off or break off into the ocean.

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Q: When waves crash into rocks over a long period of time?
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Did men make sand?

No. Sand is made when waves crash against rocks over a very long period of time.

When wawes crash into rocks over a long period of time?

I dont understand what you asked, but I'm gonna answer: Erosion.

When waves crash into rock for a long time what happens to the rock?

The rocks will gradually erode by the constant water crashing into it. Most cliffs are formed this way.

What is wave scouring?

This is when waves in the sea crash against sea walls, for example, over a long period of time. Eventually there will be marks on the sea walls and this is called wave scouring.

What are 2 ways that rocks break in tiny pieces?

over time it can be swished away ny the wind or it can be broken down bye the waves of the water but it has to be over a long period of time.

How are round rocks formed?

Rocks are eroded by waves and wind to form a perfectly round, smooth shape. It may take a very long time.

Is sand on the beach renewable resource?

Yes. Rocks are continually eroded by wind and waves. The action of the erosion creates the sand. So long as there are rocks - there will be sand.

Does mermaid sing?

Yes mermaid were known for their beautiful singing voices and sat on rocks combing their long hair. And when singing they would lure sailors to their deaths by making them crash into the rocks.

Is amplitude same as period?

No. If compared to ocean waves, amplitude would be wave height, and period would be how long to next wave.

How quickly do intrusive igneous rocks cool?

Intrusive igneous rocks cool slowly. These types of rocks would be located underground having long period of time to cool.

How do sedimentary rocks becomes igneous?

By high temperatures and pressures for a long period of time.

Why does waves cause erosion?

because the waves are constantly hitting the rocks/shore and it eats away at them (kinda like if you were to start rubbing on your arm for a really long time ,like REALLY long time, sooner or later ta dah erosion)

Are all rocks formed by volcanoes?

no not all rocks are formed by volcanoes because what about sedimentary rocks which are the rocks formed over a long period of time by little pieces of sand and rock etc. by wind and water

How do rocks along the central valley of the mid-ocean ridge provide evidence of sea floor spreading?

Over a long period of time things can move suck as ROCK can move in the ocean from high and low tides, pressure, and waves only up to 3 ft....

These waves are called long waves.?

s wave L waves are called long waves A+

Why would expect to see similar rocks or rock structures in two landmasses that were connected at one time?

Because where they have been broke appart for a long period of time, the rocks started to form.

How does ice form soil?

ice breaks down rocks and eventually it turns into soil after a long period of time

Do weather erosion and deposition make and destroy rocks?

Yes, it happens through out a long period of time though.

Why are plants and animals fossils commonly found in the layers of sedimentary rocks?

dead organisms get buried in dirt,sand,etc which harden and turn into rocks over a long period of time.

What are long waves of light?

"AM Radio" waves are long waves of light. Save

What does the following sentences mean''Soils were once rocks''?

This mean that rocks over a long period of time becomes. Through processes such as weather rocks are broken down into smaller and smaller peices and (through other processes) become soils.

What type of rocks are created as layer of sediment?

Sedimentary Rocks. Sedimentary rocks are created from stratification by the layering of materials on one another which then get compacted and cemented by sedimentation process over long period of time. The whole process of formation of sedimentary rocks from sediment is called Diagnesis. Examples of sedimentary rocks are limestone, chalk, and sandstone.

The continuous change of rocks from one kind to another over a long period of time?

This cycle is called Metamorphism.

Would the oldest sedimentary rocks be at the top or the bottom of the cliff?

it will be at the bottom. due to a build up over a long period of time.

Waves that travel at the surface?

surface waves, raleigh waves, and long waves.