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CDs were invented by Sony/Phillips in the late 1980s.

The DVD evolved from the CD. It is a high-density CD.

So the answer would be 1993. DVDs were invented in the early 1990s (1993 is the answer shown on two different websites as a third said 1996), but they did not become popular until around the turn of the millennium. Until around 2001, people mostly still rented videocassettes.

Their predecessor, laserdiscs, were available in the early 1990s (although they were very expensive and almost nobody had them), but they quickly became obsolete when the DVD was invented. Laserdiscs were like a hybrid of a vinyl record and a DVD: they were huge -- like 14 inch-wide -- DVDs with a big hole in the middle. Educational films were sometimes shown on them. Laserdisc players were basically just like DVD players- but much bigger. The date of 'early 1990s' is the best to quote. DVDs came on the market in the UK about 1999. A presentation was given about 'a new video medium' (which turned out to be DVD) in early 1998.

The LaserDisc also used an analog recording technique (like the early audio CDs), while the DVD uses a digital recording technique with error correction (like modern CDs).

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Q: When were DVDs invented?
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