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Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when Adolf Hitler come to power.

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When did Hitler send the Jews to Concentration Camps?

Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when he come to power.

When were Jews sent to the Concentration Camps?

Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when Adolf Hitler come to power.

Why were people putted into concentration camps before world war 2?

first off its PUT, "putted" is not a word. and its because Hitler strongly hated Jews and wanted them out of the world. So being an extreme nationalist that he is, he placed Jews in concentration camps to wipe all of the Jews out of Europe.

Jews during the Holocaust?

Jews during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied europe were putted into Concentration Camps. Jews who wern't in the Nazi Zones were lucky to survive and not to be involved with the Holocaust.

How was it possible for the Holocaust to take place?

The Holocaust happend and remain as it was known for other a decade because Once Hitler was chancellor of germany in january 1933 and becomed president on august 1934, He sent Communists,Jews to Concentration camps. By 1939 when Poland was invaded Ghettos and Concentration camps were immediantly putted into place, Jews in Gheetos and rest in concentration camps at the start but by 1940-1941 Jews was sent to concentration camps and Murderd

How many concentration camps and death camps were there for the jews?

There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.

Jews in concentration camps?

over 60 million jews were in concentration camps

How did the Jews get around the concentration camps?

In the concentration camps, Jews and everyone else marched around the camps.

Who else was forced into concentration camps besides Jews?

The other types of people who were putted into the concentration camps beside Jews were; Gypsies Homosexuals Mentally ill deaf people Physically ill people Disabled people Black people POWs Anyone who opposed Hitler and the Nazi Ideals

Where were the jews get taken to concentration camps at?

They would no doubt be at the concentration camps.

What did the Jews wear in the concentration camps?

Jews in concentration camps wore striped clothing and a yellow triangle.

What was the Holocaust and who started it?

The Holocaust was when Hitler firstly decided to put political people into concentration camps, However, the Holocaust is known for when the Nazis putted Jews into the concentration camps and killed nearly 7 Million of them. Adolf Hitler was the man who decided the idea of the Holocaust.

When was the first time Jews are put into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were placed in Concentration camps was in 1934.

What rights did Jews have in concentration camps?

The inmates of concentration camps had no rights at all.

What number of concentration camps were there that were used to kill Jews when Adolf Hitler was in power?

what was Hitler's purpose for sending Jews to concentration camps and what is a concentration camp.

Where were jews sent prior to concentration camps?

They were sent to ghettos prior to the Concentration Camps...

How were Jews treated in the worst concentration camps?

They were treated poory in all concentration camps.

Were Jews beaten in concentration camps?

yes, all inmates were beaten in concentration camps.

When did the Nazi start puting Jews in concentration?

Nazis started putting Jews in concentration camps since 1933 with small inor Jews but in 1939 thats where mass jews were transferd to concentration camps.

Who saved the Jews from concentration camps?

Oscar Schindler saved the Jews from the concentration camps. threre is a film about it called Schindler's list

How many Jews were sent to concentration camps as a result of the Kristallnacht?

About 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps in the aftermath of Kristallnacht.

Who was taken to concentration camps?

Jews were taken into concetration camps.

Were Jews sent to death camps or concentration camps?

Most were sent to extermination (death) camps, but some were sent to concentration camps.

Why did Hitler place Jews into concentration camps?

Hitler sent Jews out to concentration camps because he was trying to Kill all Jews, he thought that they were not worthy to live.

What was the percentage of Jews in the concentration camps?

In addition to the many Jews who were in the Nazi concentration camps, there were also many millions of non-Jews: Mainly Poles and Catholics.

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