When were army tanks invented?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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The British invented tanks in WWI; to breach the trenches.


Early drawings for a tank appear in the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci.

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Q: When were army tanks invented?
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What new weapons or war machines were used on D Day?

Colonel Hobart (England) invented many vehicles that were used on D-Day. He invented amphibious tanks that could operate in water before landing on the beach ("Donald Duck", duplex drive tanks), he invented tanks that could fire flamethrowers, he invented tanks that could fire heavy mortars that could blast bunkers at point blank range, he invented tanks that could put down planks of wood that could give traction and support to tanks that ran on beach sandy ground so they would not sink in the sand. He invented tanks that could put down items so the tanks could get off the beach and get onto high ground. These tanks were called "Hobart's Funnies". After D-Day, June 6, 1944, the Americans took German beach obstacles and fitted them to American M-4 Sherman tanks, called "Rhinos", and these pieces of metal ripped up the Bouchage hedge rows and enabled the Americans and others to break out of the Normandy Peninsula.

Types of tanks?

In 1950, the US Army redesignated tanks as 120mm Heavy Gun tanks, 90mm Medium Gun tanks, and 76mm Light Gun tanks. This was a change from the previous Heavy, Medium, and Light tanks, determined from the vehicle's weight. In 1960, with the advent of the new M60 Combat tank, and the deactivation of the Army's only Heavy Tank battalion (the M103 heavy tanks); the M60 series became MAIN BATTLE TANKS (MBT's).

Who invented the sherman tank?

the US Army invented the Sherman tank.

Are tanks used in the current Afghanistan conflict?

Iraq & Afghanistan have armor (tanks) in their armies; but the US/Coalition is not at war those countries. The enemy consists of criminals (terrorists) government, no army, no flag, and no tanks (unless they hi-jack them).

Did the Civil War have tanks?

More recent civil wars had them, but the American Civil War did not have tanks. Tanks were invented by the British during WW1. "Tank" was the code name for the development project and the name stuck to the final product.

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