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When were briefs invented?

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When were boxer briefs invented?

They first became widely available in 1993

Which celebrities wear boxers or briefs?

Zac Efron wears briefs Justin bieber briefs / boxers briefs Ryan briefs john cena Briefs

How are boxer-briefs?

Many men prefer boxer briefs to briefs. They are not as restricting as briefs and are a preferred look. Boxer briefs are hits in advertisements and women tend to like them as well on their guys.

Does john cena wear boxers of briefs?

john cena answered the boxers or briefs in a interview interviewer boxers or briefs john cena - right now gray briefs in the ring briefs or boxers briefs john cenas blue underwerar and white are briefs and the camo are boxer briefs

Are boxers or briefs better?


Zac efron boxers or briefs?

briefs he awnsed in a inteview boxers or briefs zac right now im wearing blue briefs but mostly briefs sorry i had the video but they deleted it

What are boxer-briefs?

Boxer-briefs are underwear that are the size of boxers(they come done your legs a little bit) but they are tight like briefs

Justin Bieber were boxers or briefs?

he were briefs the is a site u have to pay but there is a video he is knockoed out in nothing but gray briefs he also siad briefs

Jake walmsley boxers or briefs?


Should I wear boxers or briefs?


Does Tony Stewart wear boxer shorts briefs or boxer briefs?

briefs/tighty whities

What kind of underwear do the Jonas brothers wear?

Kevin- Boxer Briefs Joe- Briefs Nick- Briefs

Does Trent kowalik wear boxers or briefs?

He wears briefs...he's cute enough to get away with briefs

Does zac Efron wear boxers or briefs?


Does Nick Jonas wear briefs or boxers?


Do soccer players wear boxers or briefs?


Which mens underwear is better Boxers or briefs?


Nat Wolf wear boxers or briefs?


Does Randy Orton wear boxers or briefs?


Does john cena wear boxers or briefs?

interviewer boxers or briefs now john right now gray briefs interviewer in the ring briefs most of the time

When did boxer briefs become available?

Boxer briefs were first sold around 1990. Prior to this, only a few underwear manufacturers made boxer briefs, but they were actually called mid-length briefs or thigh-length briefs.

Should you wear boxers briefs boxer-briefs bikinis or thongs if you?

male...definately boxer briefs... =)

Why is Superman Superman's briefs worn in the outside?

This is his costume, not his briefs.

Does Joe Jonas boxers or briefs?

Joe wears Briefs

Does Justin bieber wear boxers or briefs?

boxer briefs