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It is believed that sniper rifles were invented around 1857 with the advent of the Enfield rifle. This rifle was then surpassed by the Whitworth rifle which became the first long range sniper rifle.

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Are all sniper rifles bolt action?

no, there are also semi-automatice type sniper rifles......................

Can you get replacement springs for airsoft sniper rifles?

Yes. You can get replacement springs for airsoft sniper rifles.

What is the scope of mathematics?

Sniper Rifles

How are elephants get hunted?

with sniper rifles

Who invented the sniper rifle?

Ronnie Barrett, president and founder of Barrett Rifles of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, invented the Barrett 50 cal sniper rifle. But it was the Springfield Armory that made the first Springfield bolt-action rifle in 1903. (That was the first gun that was widely called the sniper rifle.)

Where are paintball sniper rifles sold?

Paintball sniper rifles are sold anywhere ammunition and gun supplies are sold. Walmart carries paintball rifles and accessories as well in most of their stores.

What is a sniper rifles weight?

6lbs and up

Do all springs fit in sniper rifles?


What caliber were the sniper rifles in Vietnam?

By which side? The US and its allies used 7.62x51 for their sniper rifles. The North Vietnamese typically used 7.62x54R for theirs.

Do taliban use mosin sniper rifles?


How have sniper rifles evolved?

They have evolved to be more accurate.

Is it legal to own a sniper rifle in Kentucky?

You will have to define the term "Sniper rifle". It could mean anything. The only TRUE sniper rifle is a rifle issued to a sniper. They are simply rifles that are capable of long range accurate shooting. The rifles used by US military snipers during the Vietnam was were simply civilian hunting rifles with decent telescopes.

What stores have sniper rifles for hunting?

A sniper rifle is simply a rifle used by a military sniper. Just about every gun shop will carry hunting rifles. The type will vary depending on what you are hunting- squirrels, rabbit, deer, turkey, bear, elk or elephants. What you are calling a "sniper rifle" is simply a bolt action center fire rifle with a telescope.

How do you get a sniper on borderlands?

Weapons of all types including sniper rifles can be found in chests, lockers, sometimes in skag piles and quite often dropped by enemies as you kill them, there are lots of sniper rifles to be found, so get looking and you can buy them

What are the release dates for Ultimate Weapons - 2009 Sniper Rifles 1-1?

Ultimate Weapons - 2009 Sniper Rifles 1-1 was released on:USA: 26 May 2009Ultimate Weapons - 2009 Sniper Rifles - 1.1 was released on:USA: 26 May 2009

What is the most accurate gun in the world?

sniper and target rifles

Are barret 50 caliber sniper rifles illegal?

In California.

How do you scope with sniper rifles on Halo PC?

Z = Zoom

Nazi zombies What is in the wardrobe?

sniper rifles dont buy it

Modern warfare 2 does the thermal scope have less zoom for a assault rifle than a Sniper?

Im pretty sure they have less zoom on assault rifles than sniper rifles.

What are the release dates for Weaponology - 2007 Sniper Rifles 1-1?

Weaponology - 2007 Sniper Rifles 1-1 was released on: USA: 15 January 2007

Names of sniper rifles in World War I?

During World War 1 the sniper rifles were mostly the standard issue rifle that had a telescopic sight or Scope installed. The three main standard issue rifles that were used and modified for sniper detail were: the British Lee Enfield, The German Gewehr 98, and the American 1903 Springfield.

Who invented the sniper?

The sniper rifle is a rifle that is made to make very long range shots. The sniper was invented by John C. Garand.

How do you get the golden dragonov in cod4?

You Have To Complete ALL the sniper marksman challenges with all the sniper rifles to unlock the gold Dragunov.

What is the best sniper on mw3?

The Intervention. Although it is a bolt action, it has the highest damage of all of the sniper rifles, and its accuracy is the best.