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The Juniper bushes were planted in 1997. Before the Juniper bushes it was just a green tarp cover. In the 1970's it was Astroturf. There have also been rumors that groundskeepers at Wrigley have had to kill Marijuna plants in the Juniper.

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What can be planted on a septic field?


What is a softball pitcher?

A softball pitcher is the girl in the circle on the mound in the center of the field. She is the girl who pitches the ball to the batters.

MR.Dolan planted 0.75 of a field with corn . the field is 5.5 acres in size .how many acres are planted with corn?

4.125 acres.

Why was the field to be planted with barley in Animal Farm?


Where is a pitcher located on the field?

At the center of the diamond, Center of the field

What is the line in the center of a soccer field?

The line in the center of a soccer field is the center line.

Who are the 3 batters to hit home runs at the Polo Grounds in center field?

Babe Ruth hit several home runs into the center field bleachers but that was before the stadium was 'remodeled' to shorten the distance to the fence. After the remodeling, the players who hit home runs to center field were Lou Brock, Hank Aaron, and Joe Adcock. It is also said that Negro Leaguer Luke Easter also hit a home run to the center field bleachers.

What positions are out field?

right field, left field, center field

What are the dimensions of the orioles stadium?

Left Field - 333ftLeft-Center - 364ftLeft-Center (deep) - 410ftCenter Field - 400ftRight-Center - 373ftRight Field - 318ft

How far would a player have to hit a ball into center field to get a home run at Fenway Park?

left center field is 388 center field 488 right center filed 402

What are the four outfield positions called in softball?

Left field, left center (field), right center and right field.

Corn planted in a field that has been previously planted with legumes and then plowed under is likely to be?

less productive because legumes remove phosphorus from the soil

What is the electric field intensity at the center of a loop?

electric field intensity is zero at the center of the loop

Where on a baseball field is the garden?

it is usually in center field as a lot of ballparks have some kind of foliage over the center field wall

How many feet is it to hit a home run in Yankee Stadium?

314 Feet to Right Field 385 Feet to Right-Center Field 408 Feet to Center Field 399 Feet to Left-Center Field 318 to Left Field.

How far is it from home plate to center field at coors field?

At the start of the 2008 season, center field is 415 feet from home plate.

How long does it take for nodules to appear in field planted legumes?

2-3 Weeks

What is replanting?

Lifting a plant from a nursery bed and planting in its permanent home is one type of replanting. Another type is when a field is planted, but is lost early in the season due to flooding or other factors, and the field is planted again that same season.

Where is the deepest center field in MLB?

Deepest is Minute Maid (Astros) at 435 in center field, followed by The Marlins field at 434 in center and AT&T (Giants) at 421 in Right Center. The shortest to dead center is Petco Park (Padres) at 396. Source: Baseball1234

What are the dimensions of Wrigley Field?

The dimensions of Wrigley Field: Left field foul pole: 355 feetLeft center: 368 feetCenter field: 400 feetRight center: 368 feetRight field foul pole: 353 feet

How far is right field from center field in the new Yankee Stadium?

Right field measures at 314' Center at 408' so it is approx. 94'

How many outfielders are on a baseball field at a time?

Three. Left field,right field and center field.

What is there position called in out field in baseball?

The three positions are Left Field, Right Field, and Center Field.

Is a plain just a big field of grass?

Kind of. Plains is a big field of grass for miles as for a big field of grass, its large, but green, with a few small bushes. Plains has yellow tinted

Who played center field for the 1989 orioles?

Mike Devereaux started the most games in center field for the 1989 Orioles with 80. Brady Anderson and Steve Finlay also started games in center field.